I just can't seem to do anything :(((

Hi all, I’m having a really bad couple of days right now. Yesterday I was so tired I went to bed at 6.30am which, although I mostly feel tired, is not normal for me. I woke up at 8am this morning thinking I’d have a better day. Only after hanging a load of washing on the airer I found myself going down again and ended up back in bed until about 20 minutes ago. Now I’m feeling really dizzy and un steady in my feet and p I feel really really tight around my middle. It’s uncomfortable to try and take a deep breath even! I don’t know what to do I feel like crying :frowning: I’m not sure what’s happening. Could I have a virus? Do I need to contact my doctor? Is this something I should just ride out? I want to feel better than how I feel right now.

Hi Em, well if you feel no better by Monday, ask to see GP…but she may say to speak to neuro or MS nurse. They arent always available tho`, eh?

Do what I`m doing today…staying in bed to keep warm.and reduce the washing.

luv Pollx

Could be an underlying virus or infection, but it sounds suspiciously like the start of a relapse too :frowning: Definitely call your MS nurse first thing on Monday. No harm in trying your GP too, but as Poll says, they aren’t always a lot of use - they could at least check for a UTI or whatever though. For now, REST! Karen x

I’m not diagnosed yet I’m waiting for my MRI results so I just don’t know what to do for the best. Been out of bed a while now but I just want to go back and sleep some more :frowning: children won’t allow though bless them! X

Hi again.

Are you suspected of having MS? I ask this because during the years when I wasnt actually diagnosed with PPMS, but it was suspected, I was given an MS nurse.

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My GP suspects MS but the neurologist said my physical exam gave no reason to suspect a neurological problem, but he ordered an MRI anyway because of my family history of strokes and bleeding on the brain etc. I had my scan nearly three weeks ago now but have not heard anything. I’m only just really starting to feel better. I’m still going dizzy but the tiredness is now bearable … I can push myself to get things done where as before I just couldn’t get out of bed much :frowning: People don’t understand how I feel. My dad tells me to just get on with it, my mum thinks I’m some kind of hypochondriac! And my partner Gary, switches between the two attitudes a lately :-/ I must admit its starting to get me a bit down xx

talk to you parents and partner, explain the horrors of ms or neurological symptoms.

they are what is known as invisible symptoms.

basically its a problem with your wiring, the messages get disrupted

you feel tired because you are trying to carry on as before.

the ms society do some excellent leaflets which explain things well.

hope you get some answers soon

carole x