Is this a relapse?

Hi All

I was diagnosed with “mild” MS five years ago. Yes, I know, they make you laugh don’t they, saying it’s mild.

Anyway, not sure if I am having a relapse. Generally I am ok, other than a bit of numbness in my feet. But the last few days, I feel dizzy just sitting still. It feels like I have a massive hangover even though I haven’t and after a short walk I feel totally “hammered” as I put it…dizzy, walking strange, stumbling, struggling with my words etc.

The last 15 or 16 months have been very stressful (personal reasons) and it’s as if during that time, I coped using adrenalin but now all the pressure has gone off, it seems to have just hit me and I am wondering if this is some sort of relapse?



Hi Neil,

Are you aware of MS Fatigue?

Just a thought…


hi neil

have you phoned your ms nurse?

would physiotherapy help?

the aftermath of stress hits everyone sooner or later.

even people who don’t have ms still get random lurgies following stress.

maybe it’s time to hear some of the old cliches -

be kind to yourself

rest rest and rest again

rest some more

etc (i can’t remember the others)

good luck

carole x

Hi Ben,

Yes, the MS fatigue regularly wipes me out.

What I hate the most about MS is how unpredictable it is. If for example you get ear ache, you go to bed with it knowing you are going to wake up with it the next day. Often we manage this sort of thing with tablets and it’s predictable and we know what the day ahead is going to bring. I hate how every day is different…some days we’re ok, some days wiped out, some days dizzy / stumbling etc.



Thanks Carole

I’ll give my MS nurse a ring, though I am seeing the GP in a bit.



good, i hope your ms nurse and gp can help.

carole x

Hi hun - my MS is also mild but I have had to admit I’m having a relapse too right now - tingle has got worse - and stiffness - and the pain (poor Carole got the full rant on facebook - sorry Carole sweetie) - but the neurologist has told me that mine can’t be classed as a relapse as its not severe enough.

The thing is - you know your body best and you know when things feel worse. If you think its a relapse then it probably is. As everyone else has said - talk to your MS nurse (I don’t have one) & take it easy. I plan to get to bed before midnight tonight - first time in several months.

JBK xx


i was wondering if anyone has problems with

stiffness and pressure on the neck also pressure in the ears, sinus and hot flushes,

these symptoms have lasted at least a year know, has anyone experienced these symptoms, constantly I have

recently had a cat scan to rule out any thing else, just multiple lesions, Doctors are really no help hence why am asking if anyone can relate to same symptoms for a long period of time, I obviously still experience the regular symptoms, vibrating, numbness, pain, fatigue, they come and go though. would be grateful for a reply.


GP confirmed it was either a minor relapse or the fatigue. Not got to my MS nurse yet

They’re great aren’t they when they say it’s not bad enough…It’s bad enough for you and they should respect that!


Replied via private message

I too am having my first relapse. Very dizzy and off balance and tingling. Just woke up one morning and it all started. Turns out an infection I had a while ago may have started it all off!

dr useless and MS nurse suggested steroids. 500mg a day for 5 days. Things were good until I finished them now back to the symptoms.

I am now taking time off work to hopefully let things settle down.

I thought a relapse, no matter how slight is worse symptoms or new, over 24hrs plus?

My everyday systems are neck pain, neck spasm and tingling/fizzing when I move my neck all sensory which can also include hot flush.


thank you for that Em gem , I’ve had remitting relapse for 20 years, diagnosed when I was

young, always the same kind of relapses, but not continuos like the last years. Thanks a again for sharing as it dose bring


Had my Ms for 9 years and this is the first time I have actually had a proper relapse.

My usual issues are my neck pain and tingling and vertigo. You kind of get used to those till it sort of becomes normal and you forget how you managed to put up with it and eventually feel normal, then whoa, a relapse and it brings it all back, and you have to re adjust again to all those supposed everyday issues.

if it creeps on gradually its easier to cope.

Perhaps it’s continuous because that is now you and the condition. That’s the problem because it’s all questions and no real definitive answers or outcomes. It’s all guess work!!

Hi All,

Well it looks like it’s that time of year again. Went into town last Thursday. Didn’t walk far but by the time we got back to the car it felt like I was in the early stages of being drunk. The episode has continued through the weekend, giving me problems doing even the most minor DIY tasks like putting up a new light, cutting the hedge etc, resulting in massive room spin. Going to see my MS nurse on Thursday but what a major pain this condition is!!

When i have had any stressful situations or theres too much to deal with …its afterwards days week i get the fatique and suffer …have noticed it alot …especially emotional situations…i just rest more and wait till i feel better…

Saw my MS nurse yesterday and she confirmed that this is a relapse as it is the second one in less than 2 years. Finally we’ve managed to give my MS a name now too, so relapsing remitting has been d/x’d. I’ve been put on high dose steriods, 500mg for 5 days. I have to say they have helped. They keep the symptoms at bay for about 4 or 5 hours. Next step from here is to try beta-histine to see if we can alleviate the Vertigo once the steroids have been finished.

hi neil

has your neuro or ms nurse mentioned dmd’s? (Disease Modifying Drugs).

i’d suggest researching these.

if you can get tecfidera most of us have only good things to say.

find out which are the most effective. eg copaxone has a 30% reduction rate of relapses.

tecfidera has 55% rate.

weigh this up against the potential side effects.

good luck

carole x

My MS nurse has requested another MRI and then a follow up appointment with both herself and a neurologist to see where we go next.

I did see a neuro in Stoke almost a year ago re DMD’s but he was arrogant, kept contradicting and interrupting me so I refused to go back to see him. When I mentioned this to my MS nurse she said that this complaint has been coming up a lot, hence seeing someone else. We’ll be into April / May before this goes any further. Hopefully things will calm down this week