skin sores

Hi, Can I please ask. I was diagnosed with ms last year. in the last fewmonths i have noticed that amongst other things I get ss on my skithat nothingsee to heal They are very sore and angry. Does anyone else have this problem? if so, what to do?


Hello. Where on your body are these sores? Make sure they are not ulcers- check them out with your gp. Not clear on your description. X

gp will be worth his/her weight in gold because alongside ms there are lots of other things that need dealing with.

it turned out that i have eczema (never had before) and i get double base gel for it.

sores need reporting to gp and something will be prescribed.

carole x

I am dissappointed I read this as SKIN SNORES

I only get dry skin on my right uper arm and it drives me to distraction I have a skin cream Which I had from the last time I was bed bound and it works mostly but I do keep scratching this one spot GRRRR

Now off to YouTube to find snoring skin


Read about me here

Nothing for snoring skin on youtube.

It could be a reaction to a medication mention it to your GP, Don

and some say I never have an idea