New symptom?

I would appear that I’ve been suffering from yet another unrecognised symptom for years, ITCHING, I’ve discussed with my GP the regular feeling that my skin has been contaminated, it effects my legs, arms and just about anywhere on my body and leads me to scratch myself until I’m red and sore, my skin burning, and feeling hot and blotchy to the touch, and yet again, I can report the fact that MS could be the cause was never mentioned.

Now I’m not silly, I realise that there could be many other causes, but you’d think it would have at least been mentioned that it could be my MS.

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i have very dry skin but it became very itchy after my diagnosis.

moisturising helps reduce the itch.

if it doesn’t help you perhaps anti-histamines can help.

also STOP scratching!!

carole x

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Thanks Carole,

my skin isn’t particularly dry, I’ve use E45 cream for years and regularly take antihistamines. So maybe I’m doing the right thing instinctively.

and of course I do try not too scratch, but oh the (temporary) relief!.

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Has your GP suggested trying a mild steroid cream like Eumovate? It’s available over the counter, but worth discussing with your GP first.

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