Slow healing skin - is it related?


I’ve tried to find some research on skin healing issues and whether it’s associated with MS and/or Copaxone use. I’ve been on Copaxone for 2 years now, and over the last month have noticed that any crack caused by eczema, or any skin break takes AN AGE to heal.

I bought a new underwire bra ten days ago which dug into my armpit and only just took the skin off. It got infected and still looks angry and red despite 10 days of close attention. Now I have red bumps, that aren’t pimples or anything, under the same armpit, and now cropping up on both sides of my neck.

I’ve had eczema for 36 years, so am well versed in spotting what is normal for me, and what is not. This is not normal.

Does anyone else have issues with skin healing, or weird rashes or anything? It’s so hard to work out sometimes what is MS related and what is not.

Any feedback very gratefully received!

Maria :slight_smile: