Signing Off Sick Worry

Im worried my GP wont sign me off sick... probably stupid cause i have good reason to I think!

Im finishing maternity leave on Sept 24th... my 6 month old baby will be having a 2nd open heart surgery around the same time... 

My 2nd Tysabri infusion will be due around the same time... (My first is in 2 days!)

My balance is still shot... my eye goes blurry when im stressed... I cant walk too much... Im very stressed... and anxiety is setting in.

Although I dont feel majorly depressed, Im getting very angry, very often, about very little... Im overthinkging everything, and feeling generally quite down a little too often.   I feel like i may need to ask for some anti depressents again to help me alonmg! (Been off them 2 years)


What if he gives me a 'may be fit to work' note with advisories on....?  Is there a way around it?  Or am I simply overthinking... (I probably am!  But I just cant help thinking there must be people worse off than me and I should just shut up and get on with it!)


My GP has signed me off since the end of my mat leave last october.  He is very aware its a chronic condition and it varies day to day.  The problem is and its always been my worry is that so many of the symptoms are hard to prove.

I am going to try to go back to work middle of septemner for 4 hours a week initially incrreasing by 2 hours each week up to maximum of 16 with adjustments.  The occ health doctor thinks we need to try to give weight to me trying to claim ill health pension rather than ill health dismissal.  he very rightly thinks work is good for the soul, but I am dreading it, some days even with Ty I spend all day in bed, or just manage to get everyone up and out of hte house in the morning.  My legs are like jelly at the minute byut I'm hoping thats the heat, my vision gets blurry as the day goes on, and my hands are next to useless some days (please excuse the typing)

Hello my lovely from what you have discribed I don't think you will have any problem getting your GP to sign you off.  You have such a lot going on and any single one of these means that work would not be appropriate at this point in time.

I hope all goes well with your baby's surgery.

Thinking of you with love, Mary

Thanks both :-)  I think I just need to chat to Dr.



Your hormones, your ms and your stress levels are all kicking in.  I would try go back on antidepressants if your not breast feeding.  It cant be easy for you let alone the worry of whether your able to work.  It sounds to me like you need more time to adjust, after all having a baby, dealing with an unpredictable disease and heat, just doesnt make for a healthy individual with any energy left to give.


Yes go see your doctor and I send you some (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) - you cannot be all things to everyone.  Something has to give, so sign off sick until you feel you are able to manage all your responsibilities/illness and baby.  I admire you for trying to be all things to everyone I really do, but your human and deserve some time/car for yourself until strong again.


take care,