Why do I feel like this

Hi all,

i am hopefully coming to the end of another relapse , pins n needles, dizzy, sore joints , heel pain , hot/cold feeling , heavy ness in back passage , restless legs at night and feeling anxious . Had this for the last ten weeks , been off work for seven as it’s quite a physical job and I couldn’t cope wth any stress . I am due to return to work on Thursday but i just know I still can’t cope although most of relapse symptoms have gone. I am so stressed thinking about all this and some symptoms keep coming back and disappearing again. Every time I think of going back tears pour down my face. I haven’t chatted to hubby about this , he thinks I am over this relapse and doesn’t know I am so anxious all the time. Does being anxious like this quite normal or is it me. My workplace is manic in December so that is just the icing on the cake!!! . My close friend has told me to go back to GP and get signed off till jan as work is dead quiet then and it would be better and easier for me to settle back down. I have worked there for ten years , enjoy the company but I am worried I cannot do the job anymore. I am scared the doctor will think I am faking all this just to be off at Christmas .

Hi why dont you ring work and tell them how you are feeling and ask them if perhaps you could go back on shorter hours just to see how you cope i am sure your company would rather have you working some hours at this busy time of year ,but in the end it is up to how you are feeling, and you really need to let your husband know how you are feeling and that you are scared to go back in case you cant cope. i was in the same situation as i am sure lots of people on here are , giving up work has been the hardest thing to deal with for me but i just could not manage a day as a chef on my feet and even though work tried to help me with reduced hours more breaks etc in the end it was too much, i still hope to find something i can manage in th future .so try all you can to get back but only if you feel ready and well enough. slow and steady. Take care


hi seton girl

i agree with your friend, see your gp and get signed off until january.

the thought of work is causing your anxiety.

now relax and enjoy christmas.

get fit and well for going back to work in january.


Thank you for your comments . I think I might be brave and visit GP and see what he says. If that doesn’t go well I may have to try and find a job that I am not on my feet all day and to avoid stress which leads to my neck,shoulders,wrist pain. I work for a small business with only eight employees and everyone is so lovely but work is so so busy. I used to be able to handle work no problem at all until dx . My MS is mild so can’t imagine how i would be if it got any worse !! I feel so stupid as so many of you out there have so much more to cope with on a daily basis and manage to work, look after a home and family. Also to leave work would be a different ballgame altogether having to meet new people , learn a new job and probably have to travel which I don’t have just now STRESS !!!

i totally agree with what others have said,get signed off sick until at least january,dont think you are ready to go back yet,if at all, i had to give my notice in at work,and i loved the job too,but each time i went back i would be ok for 2 to 3 weeks,then i was very ill again,in the end i admitted defeat,but it really was for the best… i felt much better not having the stress of work…

maybe ask for a phased return to work to ease you back in to it, if you think you would be ok going back,only you know how you feel,look after you and do what is best for you.

J x

I know you probably don’t want to get signed off but sometimes if you push yourself when your not up to it, it will only make things worst. I’ve learned that the hard way!

get signed off, enjoy Xmas, relax and then get back to work in jan REFRESHED!

danielle x

Thank you for all your comments. Had appoint with GP yesterday. He has signed me off until Jan. I can’t believe what a state I got myself in just trying to talk to him which really tells me now I am not well enough to start work again . I feel being anxious for me is worse than any of the other symptoms I have experienced with MS so far . GP offered counselling and anti depressants and suggested I try and get back to exercise which is what I used to enjoy. He also said I may feel more positive after I speak to MS nurse to discuss having Copaxone injections as my head is mince thinking about whether I should go on them or not and I can ask her/him any worries I have at the time. I have another appoint with GP to discuss the above next week when hopefully I will be less tearful !!!