Ugghhh..relapse. Why now?

My legs are numb up to my thighs ( so far) l’hermittes is horrible, my arms feel like lead and the fatigue…ugghh! I am in the middle of moving house and one of my Chefs has just left so I can’t take time off because there is no cover for hiim. Why oh why must I have a relapse now when it is quite possibly the worst time? I know there is no answer, I just needed a rant!


I think that you have answered your own question Amanda!

Stress! House and work-more than enough for anyone to deal with-just your body saying-hey, ease up a bit and get some help organised.

Take care,calm will be restored!

Ellie x

Nightmare! I hope things settle down soon, in every way.



That’s always the way when you need to get things done, but your body is saying ‘you need to look after me’ first and foremost… Get family and friends in to help with the house move and REST xxxxxx Take care

You are shattered, busy, wanting too hard to stay well and you have the illness that says- yeah she needs to stop and I can make her. Give in for at least a few days, ask your doctor for a course of steroids and believe in yourself. Sandypops

Thanks for your replies. I know the answer, but I just get cross. I don’t have time for this supid disease xx