Time off work

Afternoon, hope everyone is well and still smiling!

I’ve been struggling a little bit the last few weeks, both physically and emotionally. The 12 month anniversary of my husbands death has just been and gone and my Dad has had treatment for bowel cancer. Fortunately he’s on the mend as it was caught very early! I know stress triggers flare ups for me and I think I’m stuck in a bit of a vicious circle - I’m not feeling good physically which is affecting my mood on top of everything else and that then makes me feel worse!

I was thinking of going to see the GP tomorrow and ask if he thinks a couple of weeks off work will be of benefit, both to give me a rest and to let all the stuff whirling around my head settle down a little. Now work had always been very supportive until I had a dose of flu in March this year when they accused me of abusing the sick pay scheme and stopped my company sick pay for that period. I also had an absence review in April where my percentage for the previous 26 weeks exceeded their limits so the payment of the first three days of absence has been stopped until the next review in October.

If I have any time off now my occassions and percentage are both going to be at the lowest they’ve been since I was diagnosed in 2009 but after all the negativity earlier in the year I’m feeling really paranoid about any time off. I know the figures are better so there shouldn’t be an issue but I’m still worrying. In fact since my husband passed away I’m finding that I’m worrying about all sorts of trivial things, I never thought of myself as a worryer but anxiety certainly seems to be becoming an issue.

After all that rambling I suppose I just want someone to tell me that I’m being paranoid, work can see that my figures have improved and that there’ll be no problem xx

You are not a rambler and are deserving of our support and help. I know you have been a regular here and wouldn’t be surprised if you and I are buddies from way back, eh?

Losing your man must be a terrible thing…dunno what I’d do without mine of 43 years! When I am home alone, which is rare, I get all maudlin and problems magnify

Now about your work…if you get a doctor’s sicknote, they shouldn’t query it, but I know some employers do…my daughter’s do.

If your attendance is up then they shouldn’t haul you in nor refuse to pay you.

I feel sorry for you and just hope things improve for you.

Sending you a hug and x.


Hi Clairebear i think you are being paranoid,surely your employer has a duty to take all issues into consideration,i have been on sick since the end of March and feel as guilty as i don’t know what,but i just couldn’t manage at the moment.I would see your GP and see what he/she thinks,i take it your salaried and that’s where the problem lies,i’ve had to manage on statutory sick pay,your health should always come first and foremost.

Things will work out for you i’m sure,take care and always think about number 1 YOU Xx


Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Mel - I’m paid hourly as I work in a local warehouse. I think it’s to do with all the anxiety and stuff I’ve been having but I’m terrified of losing my job. I’m worrying about things before anything’s happened!

Poll - I remember you from my few posts on here, hope you’re ok. I don’t post very often, I should start popping in a bit more really xx

Clairbear,i know how you feel,i have become nocturnal with thinking and worrying much to my daughters dismay,it seems to be part and parcel with my MS diagnosis.I too am worried about my job, but at the moment there is no way i could manage 5 minutes never mind a day.Think you should visit more,i couldn’t do without my daily fix on here,this forum gives me so much information and comfort in some respects.

Live life to the full , well as full as poss.

Mel x.

Clairbear,i do the same,always thinking and worrying especially at night that’s why i’ve become nocturnal lol,don’t think theres a thing i haven’t covered and then i go over it all again,think i’ve read or been told somewhere you can be on sick for a year before HR can think about retirement due to ill health ,i think,but the way my mind is at the minute ,who knows.

Stay positive !!!

Mel x .

Time off sick before your employer considers the future depends on the employer and is by no means 12 months for everyone. Quite a few big employers (local authorities, civil service, Heath authorities etc) have a 6 months on full pay 6 months on half pay as part of the contract of employment. After a year off sick they will be expecting a decision about the future - if you are not fit to return to work, even with adjustments then your contract will be terminated. For many this means that an ill health pension will kick in.

For a lot of people this decision point will be reached when statutory sick pay runs out after 6 months. Many employers will want to either have you back at work or call it a day. If you do not have an occupational pension scheme there is no ill health pension and you will be looking at working age benefits like ESA.