Should i ring the doctors ? AGAIN ! need advice please

So far today i have already fallen over twice (my leg gave way ,severe shooting pains) and dropped a glass and the dogs food everywhere !.

My arm aches so much ,like a really bad cramp ,everyday its getting worse .I can still pick things up ,but find im using my left hand more and more .My right arm is also so shaky .

Do i go to doctors or ring them ?or just go back to bed for the day again:(

I just feel like there is nothing the doctor can do ?

Sam x

Hey lovely xx are these new symptoms since you were seen last?? xxxx

My opinon is if they are new or significantly worseneing - A&E again xxx don’t take risks xxxxx

((((Hi Sam))))

Is it this Thursday or Thursday next week that you see the neuro? If it’s this week then I’d try & hang on - I know how easy it is to say that - but I also I know how bad those pains can be, the shooting and stabbing, dropping things, legs giving way at times It’s awful.

What meds are you already on (if any). Amitryptiline rings a bell - are you on that?

Your GP may be reluctant to prescribe anything else prior to seeing the neuro - but having said that said that he may be able to give you something to ease the pain in the interim period?

Debbie xx

Me again xxxx if it’s neurological I agree - ok to wait xx

But if there is any chance it’s that large prolapsed disc in your neck worsening - then I wouldn’t risk it - that can cause permanent damage ! xxxjenxxxx


its thursday next weekas my neuro is away at the mo .

The neurosurgeon said my disc is not causing the problems so waiting for my app with neurologist next week .

Im on amitriptyline ,yes .Maybe ill ring to see if theres anything i can have to help the pain at all.

Prob just a bad day today ,but im at home bored stiff with alll these horrible symptoms .Wish i could just sleep until next thursday lol

Sam x

Maybe you need to up the dose of the Ami’?

I’d give your GP a call, see what he suggests.

Hope you start to feel better soon Sam

Debbie xx

Thanks Debbie :slight_smile:

I spoke to my doctor She is very reluctant to give me anything else until i have seen the neuro .She has upped my dose of Ami and rang the neuros sec .I now have an appointment first thing monday morning which is great .

Im hoping he will give me something to help abit ,im not sure what though ?

I seem to have full strength in my arms .But throughout the day when they hurt,thats when i lose strenth and am sooo shaky with my right hand.Id like to know what it is causing it .Its such a horrible ache/pain,then followed by numbness and tingling .I find it hard to describe it ? It feels aliitle bit like when you have your blood pressure done just before it starts to go back down .It happens at least once an hour for at least half hour ish then relaxes abit and doesnt feel as bad and then wham its killing again !

Does anyone else on here get this and have a better way of describing it ?