Advice again please

Hello, Its been a long time since a last asked for advice, or even visited this forum, which is a good sign I feel!.

A quick recap - I had ON in October 2011, lost all my vision, and had 5 days of IV steroids and it did the trick. It took a long time to recover, physically and mentally. My scans and LP were all clear which was great news. Then last september I had some sort of attack - weakness in my arms and hands particularly and extreme fatique. I worked through it, had another scan which was all clear. Although it did show a problem with the discs in my neck. i was referred to the Spinal team and they reviewed my scans and wrote to me sying it wasnt significant. I broke my back when I was 16. I’v e already had surgery on it. But in general my back is ok now but I was surprised they wouldnt see me.

Well, its happening again. My left arm in particular is very weak, it feels like water is trickling down it. And I feel so tired - bone tired. I’ve also devoped a wierd tremor - for example as my hand gets closer to the key board my hand shakes but then stops once my hands make contact with the keys.

I saw the neuro in February and was discharged. But I was given a clear plan that if the first signs of ON returned to ring and I would be given steriods. if it was out of hours to go to A&E.

So what do I do. Ride what ever it is out, go to my GP, I just don’t know. My scans have been clear so I feel its hard to keep going back. But something is definately wrong with me.

Thanks for reading this


Hi there,

Personally, I’d go and see someone, if they told you to go back if anything happened then that’s what I’d do. You are more likely to get to the bottom of what is happening if you do keep going back. I feel the same as you, I spend a LOT of time at my GP surgery but I was diagnosed with MS a few weeks ago, so I’m glad I kept going back with all my random symptoms really as at least I know that I wasn’t just going crazy (well, no more than usual anyway!!)

Good luck and let us know how you get on.

Take care :slight_smile:

Hello Sue, I would be inclined to go back to my go with my new symptoms, then at least it will be documented and push for a referral and further tests. Janet x

Another vote for the GP. It sounds like you need to see the neuro again, but that will take time and so it will be good to have a medical professional witness your symptoms now.

The tremor sounds like intention tremor - it’s common in MS, but also occurs in other conditions.

Karen x