Advice greatly appreciated

Hi guys, quick question. Would really appreciate some feedback.

I’m awaiting an urgent MRI because the doctors now believe I have MS. 2 weeks ago my entire right side became weak, painful, numb, pins & needles… Name any strange sensation & I have experienced it. I’ve been in and out of a&e since last week because my arm & leg was getting worse. I’ve tested positive for babinski sign in both feet & it’s been noted I have very brisk reflexes in one side. So now they’ve me down for an urgent MRI, which I hope to get in the next 2 weeks.

I am now convinced it’s MS I have because it’s so strong in my family. My grandad had it, my mum had it (she passed away 6 years ago), a few of her first cousins have it & just a few months ago my 14 year old nephew was diagnosed too after he lost the power down his left side a year ago.

Just one question. If I have MS, I think what I am experiencing must be a relapse - I’ve had this similar thing happen me in the past twice before since last August but this time it’s worse. Is it possible for my right side to feel totally ok when I wake up, but within 30 minutes of going about my routine, I feel my arm become painful, pins & needles etc? I’m trying to convince myself that it mustn’t be MS because I assumed if you were having a relapse, this feeling in my arm etc would be here the whole time? It’s like it was ok while I was resting & now it’s back to this horrible feeling of having no power in my arm.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going out of my mind with worry here. I have seen first hand how horrible this disease can be after I cared for my mum for years until she died at 52. I just can’t feed to think that this is what I have now also. :frowning:

Thanks so much,

Celine x

Oh Celine you poor love unfortunately it will be the MRI and other tests that will or will not define if you do have MS. Have you been referred to a Neurologist that has requested the MRI?

your family history is not a good one but it does not necessarily mean you are following in their footsteps but the Neuro will tell you one way or another. It is a long journey for a Dx.

so very sorry about your mum. I wish you all the luck in the world. Take care of yourself.



As I understand it, while MS certainly runs in families, the severity of the disease course does not. I hope you haven’t got it but, if you do, your family history does not mean that your MS would be like your mother’s MS.


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Morning celine, any date for MRI yet? Can’t really offer any help because until you know what the diagnosis is, all your doing is scaring yourself and worrying. You will no doubt know everything that’s not right with you, but try and just deal with the small day to day stuff instead of the bigger picture. You did not do anything wrong. Have a little treat, I like a doughnut!!!

Not trying to be flippant. But even if you do get a diagnosis, you still have to come to terms with stuff, so just focus on what you can do and try not to worry.

that all sounds a bit drivelly sorry

Quite right, Alison! The only thing blood relatives with MS have been found to have in common is approximate age of onset. Family history has not been found to be a good predictor of severity at all. Just as we don’t know what causes MS, we don’t know what makes it more severe in some people, but what happened to a relative seems to have no bearing.



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Thanks so much for your kind comments. It will be 6 weeks before I get my MRI or have an appointment with the neurologist. He rang my GP today though & feel it’s best I start a course of steroids for 10 days. Not sure how I feel about this! :frowning:

When I had steroids (some time ago, you may be prescribed different), it left horrible metallic taste in mouth so may I suggest mints!

also, being fair, i was very flushed in face etc ( all over really), but they did help, so hope they do for you x