What’s going on?

Good morning all :relaxed:

I am new to this forum and haven’t posted yet but I am in need of some advice please.

I hope you can help.

I have been experiencing some symptoms of Ms over the past few months (have probably had years of symptoms). Since nov I have had tingling pins and needles weakness in all limbs and neck pain.

My history is

migraine with aura in my 20’s

5 years ago numbness in left arm twice

shooting pains in feet on and off for years along with restless legs

one episode of vertigo with vomiting

one very bad back spasm where I couldn’t move.

so in November this all turned into left sided numbness and tingling all down my body spread to the right side briefly this has since improved but has left my ankles weak and I keep getting intermittent complete loss of arm control.

i have bladder and bowel dysfunction (constipation and loss of urge to wee) and a twitch under my left eye.

And awful insomnia

I went to see a neurologist last week but she didn’t take a complete history and gave me a 5 minute neuro exam which she said I passed but had hyper reflex in my legs. She discharged me back to the GP as she doesn’t think it’s Ms??

I am booked in for an mri of Brain and c-spine in 5 weeks.

The neck pain is not controlled by regular medication and I’m in a lot of discomfort.

The Gp prescribed amytriptyline to help control the pain and help me to sleep but I’m worried about the effect on my bladder with this??? She will not discuss anything else with me until my report from neuro goes back to her

my question is

can I go to a&e with this neck pain as it’s becoming unbearable and the weakness/numbness in my arms is a new symptom or do I have to wait for my MRI?

Any advice would be most welcome xx

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Hi there,

In your position I would talk to my GP about the neck pain. Are you taking the amitriptyline or not? You could wait for hours in A&E and not get anywhere.

Your GP isn’t going to discuss all the possible causes of your symptoms because, if she did that, she wouldn’t be able to see any other patients for the rest of the day. And it would terrify you.

At the moment, finding a diagnosis will be like searching through a barn full of hay while looking for the needle.

If you need to speed things up you can see a consultant privately and then get referred back to the NHS afterwards.

Best wishes,


Hi Anon , I know how frustrating it can be waiting for answers , 5 weeks till your mri will fly, hang on in there . I’m not sure what else to say it’s so hard being patient I’m still waiting for answers only time will tell . In the meantime surround yourself with understanding people , this forum is brilliant , we are all there for each other. Michelle and Frazer xx