Should I get this checked out today??

Hi everyone I wonder if you lovely people could give me some advice… Late last night I suddenly became unable to put my left heel to the ground because of severe pain on the outside edge of the heel. It was even too painful to touch. This morning I have woken up and this has now spread right round the heel and the heel is red and hot, and apart from the severe pain, it also feels kind of itchy and tingly (more intense tingling than usual). The pain is on the edge of the heal, not right underneath the foot. I am unable to put any weight on my heel at all, and have just started to feel as if the the tingling feeling is starting to creep up my leg. Shall I just pop some Ibuprofen, rest it and see how it is on Monday, or do you think I should take a trip to the out-of-hours/weekend GP centre? I would normally just put up with it and soldier on, but it’s the fact that it’s so painful and so hot and red. Dr Google says you should see a doc immediately if you can’t put any weight on it or if it’s hot and inflamed, bit I’d rather ask you lovely people!

I’m no doctor, but if it was me I would check it out. From what you’ve described, it sounds like an infection. Have you been bitten? Is there something in there like a splinter ? To be on safe side, get it checked if you can. It may be nothing, but no harm in getting it looked at.xx

It could be gout? My hubby gets it and can’t walk on his one foot. He gets a strong anti-inflammatory from drs. His foot gets very hot and red also x

You could phone 111 now as its the weekend. They may get a GP or paramedic to call you back in a hour or so. I would do it as peace of mind is what you need and advice. x

Thanks guys. Have taken some Ibuprofen but it doesn’t seem to have done much. It really is very hot and red underneath my whole heel now. The heel is also very swollen.

I’m going to rest it for the rest of the day, and if it’s no better tomorrow, I will get it checked out. I was on my feet more than usual yesterday, but nothing excessive and nothing to provoke this kind of aftermath. This is on my ‘good’ side too, which means I am struggling to get around as I am having to put so much more weight on my bad/weak leg which is now stiff and painful! I didn’t actually realise how much I favour my good side until now!

By the way, what causes gout??

I think it varies from person to person, but my hubby gets it when he has over indulged with rich food/wine. For example when we have been away. Hope whatever it is, get better for you x

Hubby just me it’s a build of uric acid xx

Gout is caused by uric acid in the blood and it can affect any joint, although the big toe is most commonly affected. It is traditionally associated with an excess of rich food and alcohol but, according to the NHS website, while high intakes of beer and spirits are a risk factor, rich food isn’t.

Two my colleagues suffer from gout and it isn’t a laughing matter - they both say it is incredibly painful but with dietary changes and medication it can be controlled.

Whether it is gout or something else, I hope you get some relief soon.

Allupurinol at the right dose is highly effective at preventing gout and associated problems of bladder stones and kidney stones and apparently it lowers the risk early death! Hope so, I am on 300mg a day.