short fused.

Normally im a calm guy or (was). Before my last 2 relapses id say i was calm, chilled out easy going but ever since my last relapses i get confused and annoyed at the slightest thing ( i dont do anything physical towards people) but i can feel myself burning up and popping my lid and saying stuff i dont mean or make a big scene out of a small problem. I say the right thing but the wrong way out of anger how do i learn to keep calm without doing something id regret. I have arguements everybody does i had a doo with my dad yesterday and felt the need to deal with it with behaviour. Am i loosing my marbles or stress levels reaching the brim? I really dont think i need anger management as after a short while i calm down but i hate feeling the way i am for the short period im “seing red” All suggestions welcomed Cheers, Martin

Martin So sorry to hear of your problems. I felt the same and found reading books on the subject helped understand why this was happening. They gave me tips on coping. Little things like picturing the person you are about to argue with wearing a daft costume. It sounds silly but it really calms you down inside. They is lots of stuff out there. Not everyone needs anger management if they can recognise the symptoms. All the best. Neil

I wish i could help!! I wont take meds 4 M/S now as they dull me & tht makes me realy ORIBLE, i js hate my self sometimes, talk about DR Jettle!! he was a pussycat!! so pls when u find how 2 access the Mr niceguy button, be & shure give us the heads up!! theres a gud egg. itz gud too talk about it thow with someone who understands & quess wot??? I DO!!

pm me when ever u like, take care dude Julien…

Thanks for the suggestions guys :slight_smile:

when you consider how ms messes with our minds and bodies its not surprising that we sometimes cope less well.

forgive yourself and follow the advice given by neil and julien

carole x

Hello Martin

Why not look on amazon and buy a relaxation cd. I use this site often and you can listen to samples.

For all the meditation and reiki training I’ve done, I too struggle at times with getting frustrated and irritated quite easily with people close to me. I blame in on the lesions, my husband says how much longer am I going to use that excuse. I’m a work in progress

Of course I’m in my 50s, so I could just naturally be getting grumpy in my older age

Good luck


I definately have those ‘Blood boiling’ moments. It helps me to say to my husband ‘God, my bloods boiling’, he totally understands and takes over the situtation. Do you have someone you can use a code word with? Especially in family moments, when you know you’ll regret it later.

Maybe having MS just makes you feel ‘crosser’ about life, I know its does me. I suppose that’s another thing we have to deal with. Crap hey?

Martin, I have just had this for the last nine days. Very horrible. Just horrible rage and confusion. I have just posted a thread about it. I got some relief by taking cinnamon. Try it. Take a half a teaspoon of cinnamon in hot water, twice a day. It has really worked for me.

Thank you for posting this…I too feel and get OTT a lot these days and it has caused terrible upsets netween me and hubby.

I just do not seem able to cope and this is totally not me, I was always the one who could stay calm and cool down a situation before it got any further…not now, I am an explosive wreck and hate it.