stress and how it knocks me for six

Has anyone any ideas how to cope with this , I find if something annoys me I seem to collapse. especially if i am worried about my family. I am trying to do meditation tapes and have just got a minlessness tape, was advised the local buddist centre do stress courses but cost out of my reach


Dear Trish,

I know what you mean - and I experience it too. Good luck when trying to find a method for relaxation. I searched for ages and advised those that are ‘close’ to me to ‘calm down’. Unfortunately, that does not always work? - I am 55 and have had MS for 12+ yrs - I’ve got an 8 yr old daughter and a wife from Northern Ireland - I’m Scottish but many times I feel in ‘the minority’ even in what’s supposed to be MY OWN HOME?

Relaxation is good (if you can get it!)


Trish - after thoughts - I don’t drink myself and don’t smoke weed (but have done in the past) but although it is still ‘illegal’ - I don’t think that it is wrong (for medical purposes e.g. MS).

I don’t do either but it ‘may’ be worth keeping in mind.


hi trish

stress/excitement makes me feel quite ill, im still undiagnosed as yet but i have found that a sense of acceptance has helped me and the poem that did for me is this one:

god grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, the courage to change the things i can change and the wisdom to know the difference.

im not religous but if you think about it, it does make a lot of sense, there are so many things you cant change and whatever happens will happen wether you worry about them or not.

i have also taken prozac in the past and it helps just to make the normal family noise and problems easier to bear although now they’ve all left home…hooraaaayyyyyyyy

best wishes

mandy xxxxx

Hi, I also try to put Mandys poem to use. it doesnt always work, when we are up against numpty neuros like mine!

You know when I had my last respite break, in Dec, I came home with the most wonderful calm feeling.

Hard to keep, but so relaxing when I can.

*If only we could dip in and out of respite as required, eh?

luv Pollx

irronically have the poem on my kitchen cork board, afraid I didn’t read it , however was told one time from my priest that when it gets too much to hand it over to god, and it has helped in the past, maybe physiologically but it is one of these things that you cannot explain , I have stopped being in company of people who wind me up, because I know my health is going to suffer, but others think that I am using this as an excuse again one of these invisible things that go on with this condition

Hi, I’ve found I can’t cope with stress at all since I’ve had MS. It sends me into meltdown. Crash and cry!!! And even excitement can do me in. I got excited this morning, out on the scooter and going into a new supermarket. Suddenly the excitement turned to stress and I could barely cope. Came home feeling very fragile and shaky. (Pathetic! It was a new blo*dy shop!)

I think it’s all part of the emotional impact of MS… and not just because we are dealing with this damn thing but also because the lesions in the brain actually affect our emotions. It’s like we have a double whammy. Strangely enough remembering that can help.

I try everything like everyone else. Try to stay calm. Remember I can’t control everything. Try to keep things in perspective. But sometimes nothing seems to help.

Take care and keep in mind you’re not alone with this,

Pat x

do you not have aMS centre close to you,I go to one,and they have alternativee therapies ie reki,arom therapy indian head massage,and reflexology,I find reki is a good stress relivier,those tapes yyou are trying do good eveentually,as yyou need to learn how to relax with them,which aint easy to do when u are stressed,catch 22 situtation

Hi Trish,

I used to suffer terribly with stress, for the most ridiculous reasons too; as this came about as the result of anxiety and phobia. I tried all the herbal teas and meditation tapes, but in the end I read of the usefulness of beta blockers and I requested these from my GP. No doubt b.b.s have side effects (along with everything else!), but I could certainly feel that stress did me no favours either, so I have used these ever since and find them incredibly useful.

Best of luck with whatever method you choose,