Stress/anxiety was such a big factor for me, I had to change my thinking and stop adding to my problems, hard that, that is, also I had to stop being so hard on myself.

It taps at the window,

It knocks at the door,

It seeps through the ceiling,

And slides in on the floor,

Its always around you,

At the back of your mind,

It will cause you big trouble,

And that you will find.

You have to destroy it,

kick it right into touch,

Does it still effect you,

No, not half as much.

So it can tap at the window,

And knock at the door,

But now let it in,

No way, not anymore.

The thing that I speak of,

Hey! presto it’s stress,

But keep it at distance,

And it cant cause a mess.

Since I’ve had to stop working I have no stress now and with it my anxiety has gone. Good ol’ cognitive behavioural therapy 2 years ago certainly helped me over come it too!

Glad to see that you’ve changed for the better! xxx

Hi, I definately belive there is a link between MS and stress and anxiety. I guess though if you are predisposed to a disease such as MS then any period of high stress is going to make these diseases rear their ugly heads. I like the poem. I meditate twice a day now and have a good routine of sleep, excercise (20 mins walk outside in the sun per day) , very good diet and all these have made my anxiety and stress managable. xx


Yes guilty as charged, I did write it. I suppose I got to know so well what stressed me’ which was basically anything and everything, even the thought of someone, when the phone rang, when the post came, junk mail, you name it. I faced it and introduced coping strategies that elliminated the pressure I put on myself and by others making it a stress free Zone.

Isn’t meditatiion hard to master, to totally blank your mind,think of nothing, life is so busy busy, but it is important to take time out, even if it is only 5 mins.

I do TM meditation, its probabaly the easiest meditation to do as its not concentration. TM can be expensive to learn but I think they offer scholarships to enable people to learn who can’t afford it but may benefit from it greatly.

When I had my CIS, my GP failed to refer me as urgent so I had no idea what was wrong with me. The GP presumed it was just BPPV vertigo, so at no point did I know what I had wrong with me was serious. I was unwell for nearly 8 weeks before I had my first neuro appt. I had dizziness for 3 weeks then a sixth nerve pasly/double vision followed and exteme stress and anxiety. I was in quite a state anxiety and stress wise before, during and after my CIS.

I’ve been doing TM mediation for nearly 7 months and it has worked very well for me regulating my mood and anxiety. TM meditation is sometimes offered to war veterans in the USA suffering from PTSD and it has had some good results i gather. But I think any type of gentle yoga or meditation may help reduce stress and anxiety if it was done everyday.