i'm so angry all the time

cant seem to shake it, im so tightly wound and i find myself snapping at the simplest of things, to strange people who dont know me, to family members and friends when tryin to help me...i dont know how to stop, but i need to because i dont want to grow up to be a lonely old man who drove everyone away.


I think i may need some sort of counselling or advice on how to get this monkey off my back, im tired of being so angry, its not fair on me or on those closest to me!!


Nice wee post for you all to read heading into the new year......


a happy new year to you all when it comes also :)

We each get angry with the world, with our families, ourselves but recognising we have a major problem with our attitude is the first step to changing our behaviour, but firstly delving into why we feel the way we do.  Yes I agree, counselling would be a very good idea.  Your half way there knowing you shouldnt be so angry with the world and need help.


I too wish you lots of good health, happiness (if not now in the very near future), and prosperity which Im sure will come once your get that heavy weight off your back and sunshine follows you around.  You deserve a break from negativity and the world in turn needs to surround you with caring support.  This forum can do that.


Make it your new year resolution to seek help then do something positive that youve always wanted to do once you are able to see clearly.


Take care,


It is understandable that you loose contol, can’t tell you how many times I say b… every day.

I take a 5ml dose of Cipralex anti depressants, not only does it help with anxiety it also stops my temper from getting out of control. Last year I missed a tablet for a couple of days and I had a huge row with a work colleague. As I do voluntary work for the MS Society this was not good. Although the person I lost it with does give me a lot more respect these days. I also realised that I need to do things that help me to relax, such as Yoga and meditation.

Good luck hope you can find a way dealing with it.

Happy New Year



Hello, and I am sorry to read that you are suffering a very similar set of emotions as I did when I was first diagnosed. I found a counsellor to be very useful. Mine was 'prescribed' via the neurologist, but GPs can do this too. I also found the use of anti depressants very useful, and I am still on these Citalopram. I do hope that you can access help, as you obviously seem to realise that you need this. All the best for 2012, and good luck.