I am feeling incredibly angry about becoming ill and the effect it has had on my life at the moment. Am trying to manage it, exercise, relaxation etc but I’ve never felt this angry before! I don’t want to become a bitter person

Has anyone else struggled with anger about being dealt such a rubbish card?

Sometimes I get very irritable with people, I think nasty things and want to say them but I don’t, it passes and I don’t believe it’s me that wants to be nasty, I feel as with the rest of my body there are times when things don’t work properly and my emotional state is no different.

It is possible expressing your anger may help, buy a punch bag, find somewhere private and have a good shout and swear! supressing anger may not be the best course of action, on the other hand, you may like me, simply be suffering from an emotional imbalance that will go away if you ignore it…trying different things, if nothing else, will focus your mind on those tasks instead.

I think I had quite a few months of denial and I still get that sometimes but at the moment I seem to be in the grief, anger and Depression phase all at once! I have been diagnosed for a year and feel like it’s just hit me!

It took many years of waiting and pain, frustration and knowing something was wrong with me and being told I had first one thing then another, then another, then another and wondering when it would all stop. By the time the dx of RRMS arrived I felt relief. I also felt emotional and didn’t feel that any one wanted to talk to me about it. Then I found this site and I feel a lot calmer now. It’s good to talk to people who actually understand what is happening to you.

Hang on in there, the anger will deminish.and keep talking to everyone.


As David said, anger is a normal part of grief, so it’s inevitable that many of us will feel it as we grieve our old life. And like Frostpaw said, trying to suppress it might not be all that helpful. The things you’re doing are all good, but letting it out sometimes might be helpful - have a good shout, or punch a cushion, do something physical, or alternatively talk to someone about it (as long you let them know it’s not them you’re angry with) or journal how you’re feeling.

They’re all things I do when I get hacked off and they all help at different times.