Over the last few weeks I find myself getting so short and snappy with my family. It takes literally nothing at all for me to reply aggressively, sarcastically and condescending to the most innocent of questions. I hate it,


I reckon many of us will be abe to relate to feeling like that. It doesn’t mean you’re a ‘bad’ person though. It’s a normal thing to experience as part of the grieving experience we can go through, as we mourn the loss of our old lives & come to terms with having MS (if you google ‘stages of grief’ you might find some helpful info). It’d probably help to find more constructive ways to express your feelings. This could be journalling, talking with trusted friends & family, or counselling. And for those times when you really want to kick & scream then, well, kick & scream. But do it in a safe way, and pillows are great for this - there’s been times when I’ve got a pillow, put it over my mouth, and then just shouted & screamed as loud as I could into it (the pillow helpfully muffles the sound so the neighbours don’t get shocked). Or I’ve walloped the pillow as hard as I can against a wall, or used it as a punch bag. Talking about feelings is great, but sometimes being able to do something physical to get out the frustration & anger is the only thing that will help!

And make sure you’re quick to say sorry to your family. Tell them it’s not their fault, you’re just needing to process your feelings. And it will pass (the stages of grief really are just stages, temporary).

Hope that helps


Make sure you are keeping your d3 and b12 levels up. Both can cause low moods - depression -without you realising it.

l also take LDN - which l swear by. lt gives you a feel good factor- by boosting your endorphins. Makes life a better place.

I think it’s the waiting to go back for my infusion of Lemtrada that’s the worst thing. I went in at the end of January for some steroid infusion and came out feeling fantastic but I’ve not heard anything since and I feel I’m doing the chasing around to get seen again. It’s just so frustrating and my knee joints and now my lower back can be agonising at times.

yeah, i sympathise. i’m having a bit of a run of rattyness myself, what with various neuro and muscular pains i’m being plagued by restless leg syndrome, sciatica and i’m 51, so i’m menopausal. i feel like i could ‘hulk out’ at any mo’, my daughter’s keeping out of my way a bit, don’t blame her. i agree about apologising quickly, it’s about all i feel like i’m getting right at the moment. cushion punching helps me too, counselling has helped me in the past, too. best of all is coming on here for a rant, i find. remember, we are allowed to feel and express our frustration or anger, but keep the lines of communication open with your loved ones.

take care,

wendy xx

I apologise straight away, it’s something I make sure I do straight away. The joint pains are starting to get to me, I feel I’ve held it together quite well with the diagnosis but this is now starting to build up more and more. Everyone is out the house tonight so I’m looking forward to a night at home on my own :slight_smile: x

have you told your neuro. or gp about pain issues. whether or not you want/need pain meds, it’s useful to open a dialogue about negative issues, so they know what it is you’re dealing with.

enjoy your night.

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