Maybe my title should be emotional support - I find myself very irritable and easily annoyed - I find work colleagues annoy me alot but such is life of working in an open office - lady beside me seems to offer her opinion on everything that I say and its usually the opposite of what I say - Thankfully my wife and i get on like a house on fire but we are looking after my Mum and uncle (live beside us) which heaps alot of pressure on us as well and everything to them is either black or white - I know its maybe just me or maybe I need to be in a mountain lodge on my own…I do take 5mg cipralex to keep me on the straight and narrow…

Hi Redman, that mountain lodge sounds like bliss…if only eh?

Ignore your opinionated work colleague, if you rarely speak to her she’ll not have any ammunition to fire back at you. Sounds like you have a lovely wife & you’re both having a stressful time, are you both able to get some time out just for yourselves?

You have to cope daily with your MS & you are perfectly entitled to be a bit irritable or grumpy!

Rosina x

Hi Redman

Sounds like life for you and your wife is quite stressful, it’s great that you both get on so well.

Is it possible to get part time care for your mum or uncle, so that you can both have a break? or is that something you have already explored?

I easily get irritable and I don’t really have a good reason. It’s just been in these last few months and I’m wondering if it is to do with my brain lesions.

I think it’s just possible your mind and body is sending you a message. Carers can end up ill too, can’t they?

Take care xx

Can you try headphones in the office occasionally? I know that isn’t always possible. I sit opposite a sometimes very loud woman, who lets us all know how she’s feeling… A couple of times I have politely asked her to keep it down so I can concentrate - not easy but a very reasonable request, ms or not. It is tiring to swallow down the irritation - taking 5 just mins away can help. Good luck x

Thanks guys, we do have carers coming in and they are great for my uncle. Think what gets me sometimes is people, like my Mum don’t see both sides of the equation and my work colleague is the same, my iPod is bliss at times…but it’s good to scream…

“but it’s good to scream…”

Isn’t it just, …remember Liza Minnelli beneath the railway bridge in Cabaret.

Maybe you should try that!


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Hi Redman,

i find myself getting irritated about things that I used to let wash over me. This afternoon my granddaughter ( aged 4 ) was

being badly behaved. Instead of letting it go I got annoyed with her and made the situation worse. Now I’m upset about it all.

I don’t know if this is the ms or am I turning into a grumpy old woman.

At this rate I will be known as grumpy grandma.

By the way a mountain lodge sounds good but I’d probably find something there to annoy me. Lol!!

Mags xx

Hi Redman

I know anger is one of the classic stages of grief, and I know I have angry phases as I grieve the loss of my old abilities. It hurts to have lost those things, so at the very least I just get bl**dy annoyed at anything & everything. I’ve found sometimes it helps to have a good scream into a cushion to muffle the noise.

I also find mindfulness meditation really helpful. Being able to accept things as they are, and to let go of wanting to change them, can be hard to do, but worth it. So in the case of your work colleague, for example, it would mean simply accepting the fact that she always offers her opinion, and to not wish that she was different. When I’m able to do that, I feel so much more peaceful : )


No its the MS, and yes i am a grumpy grandma too lol.

I just cant cope anymore with noise, bickering, shouting, or stupidity. I used to be a people person, now that mountain lodge sounds a great idea.

I just want to say whats in my head…maybe i have kept quiet too long to keep the piece and now my MS needs me to release it all lol…

I put it down to pain and fatigue to be honest…maybe we should start a Grumpy Grandma Club lol…xx

Thanks Guys, we have a very good social worker and she has suggested that my uncle go to the adult centre the odd day for a bit of respite but it has been ruled out by my Mum because “he wouldn’t like it” - how do you not like something that you haven’t tried before ----------time to scream again…

My husband is so cranky. I try and say ok and walk away, but sometimes i just want to scream ! Everything is made into a big deal, will i ever get a break ?