Shopping in an 'old town'.

We went to Canterbury the other day (I’d had a voucher that needed to be spent). I normally shop online.

I love Canterbury and was really looking forward to it. Completely forgot about the lack of loos (near the cathedral) well there were plenty of loos, just couldn’t access them. I didn’t quite make it (fortunately I had some knickers and a pad in the back of my buggy). But it spoilt my trip as I became so anxious about it.

I guess we’ll either have to plan things better, or visit one of the modern shopping centres, at least they are disable friendly.

So sorry to hear this, it always adds stress to a trip when things like this happen but I hope you can put it behind you and mark it down as a learning curve.

Good thing you had spare undies.

As your title " old town " says it all…more difficult to find accessible loo,s but a call to council offices before a trip may make it possible to locate a good loo. Of course if you are tech minded there are smartphone apps to guide you so I am told.

Don’t let this little mishap put you off going where you want, as you said more planning but not impossible.



Thank you Ell

I should have thought about it really, it’s a while since I’ve been to Canterbury, I do remember other outings where this happened (My friends with ms always check out the loos when they go anywhere). I really need to do this in future.

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Hello Corkie.

This is a familiar tale. When Canterbury was built, people just went anywhere. The streets were full of it, if you know what I mean. Whenever I go out, I get padded up; Tenna men-oh the joy of it. I also have some skin cleansing foam and wipes to match. And then there’s a pee bottle or a travel john. Together with the spare underwear etc, I’m quite well equipped but there is so much indignity about the whole business. It’s a shame the old cities do not really help us. I know Canterbury is one of the worst, despite its beauty. But I still go out and do some adventures. As Ell says, do your homework. I am the homework king.

Best wishes, Steve.


Central London is pretty bad too! Even when I was able bodied lots of pubs and restaurants etc had loos up or down INCREDIBLY steep stairs that I had real trouble negotiating because they had been retrofitted in very old buildings. Even getting INTO some buildings (like round Covent Garden was difficult because they had been built high off the pavement because of the way the streets and pavements were c9nstructed.

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I now live in Cardiff - apparently the flatest city in Britain - but even some of the historical buildings (like the arcades) aren’t easy.

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Wherever I go in the UK I have found that places like Costa coffee (less so Starbucks and Nero) and Mickey D’s are usually good for accesible toilets. I have never been challenged for going in to use the facilities.

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Thank you all for your replies, I forget about a symptom and it always comes back to bite me on the preverbal. Do your homework Wendy!!!

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I have Crohn’s disease as well as MS, so I cannot go anywhere where there arn’t accessible toilets. I have an app on my phone which tells me where they all are. They aren’t always open though, so I find it much less stressful to just stick to going to places I know xxx

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That must be really difficult for you folksongs I do sympathise, I don’t go out of town very often either; it’s local or Internet shopping, fortunately I’ve never had to send anything back. I do miss BHS already. Buying trousers is easier online too, as I can order the length of trousers; Matalan are pretty good. Not so good if you want fashionable clothes though.

W x

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