Hi everyone.Not to sure where to put this post.Thought i would try on here,instead of putting it in PPMS. 4 years ago i had shingles,pain horrendous,blisters lovely NOT. Last night i had a itch under my boob,didnt think much of that,today i have 2 itchy blisters,under the boob,in the same place where i had the last attack.I have been under alot of stress recently,Can you get shingles again.Dont mean to be thick but i dont know.

Any response will be appreciated.

Thank you


I’m male and I’m not sure, sorry - maybe your Doctor can help?


Yes, you can get shingles more than once. Sounds like it’s unusual to get it in the same place though. Here’s an extract from

"Can a person get shingles twice? If so, does it appear in the same place twice?
Yes, a person can get shingles twice–it recurs in an estimated one to five percent of patients–and it can reappear many years after the initial episode of shingles. If shingles strikes a second time, it will usually not appear in the same location. Most people who seem to experience multiple episodes of shingles are probably having recurrent infection with a related herpes simplex virus and not true shingles."

Karen x

Oh yes - you can - l have had shingles 3times - and it is horrendous. l have never had the herpes simplex[cold sores] - l do know that the virus lays dormant ready to attack. lts a miserable thing to get.


Yes, I did twice, one year apart.