Shingles anyone

Out of curiosity I had shingles age 12 then had first ms attack at age 13 . Has anyone else had shingles before there ms attacks ?

That is interesting Dizzybird. Never had shingles myself though.

There are some studies to suggest a higher risk of MS occurring in the year following a shingles or herpes zoster attack. I don’t know how reliable these studies are.


I had shingles a long time after MS started.

My Neurologist said the two conditions weren’t connected.

I can’t add anything to that, I don’t recall reading of any research, but I would guess it has been looked at.


I had my first shingles episode just before diagnosis, I was about 26yrs. My second episode was about 3yrs ago, I was 60. Neuro says there’s no connection with MS & I haven’t read any research on it.

People tend to believe that you can only get shingles once…that is not true.

Rosina x

I had heard that you can get shingles more than once, but was rather hoping it was wrong. Once was quite enough thank you, so I’m sorry to hear you’ve had it twice Rosina.

I have also heard that it is sometimes worse and longer lasting when you are older. I hope that isn’t true.

Now I’m wondering if after having it once your chance of getting it again is the same as anyone getting it for the first time.


l had a very severe attack of shingles prior to my diagnosis. 33yrs ago. Since then l have had it twice more. lt is a very distressing and painful virus. l see that the GPs are offering a shingles vaccine for 70yrs old. Only a couple of years to wait!!!

l think - about 7yrs ago - it was discussed on here. Shingles/Glandular Fever - and so many people had suffered with these before diagnosis. So many - that it must be connected.

Take no notice of neuros/gps who say it is not connected - because we have done our own research on here - with people who

have first hand knowledge.

never had shingles but round about the time i was diagnosed with the ms i had some very nasty coldsores,one massive one on my cheek,and then seemed to get one every other week,stress and being run down wakens the virus,so it might be we are that run down with the ms rather than the ms causing it, my friend who has lots of health issues has just got it ,again after having it 6 weeks ago.

I had shingles and then, a few months later, my first MS relapse began - in the same place. Dizzybird, between us, I don’t suppose that you and I add up to a smoking gun. EBV virus seems to be the current favourite in the virus stakes. But I know which virus my money would be on, if I were a betting woman.


No shingles, but I did have glandular fever aged about 14, heard that was a connection or think I did???

I have not had shingle’s, but I did have glandular fever when I was 16.

My husband had shingles down one side of his face and after all the blisters were healed he suddenly started getting excruciating pain in his face. On a visit to my Neurologist, my husband ( who came with me that day) had to leave the room as the pain started and I told the Neuro about the shingles and he said " now he knows the pain you are having to go through with MS"

I’ve not had shingles but had chicken pox aged 26. I caught it off a pupil in my class. Was quite poorly with it. Three years later dx with MS.