Shingles after vaccine

Hi All
I had my AZ vaccine 3 weeks ago. (very grateful) and have recently been diagnosed with shingles. I have not been in contact with any children and still pretty much keeping away from other folk. I am assuming that the virus has been reactivated. Is this just a coincidence? Anybody know any more info or am I just unlucky. Would still urge everyone to have the vaccine however!

no idea you could ask your GP? i HAVE had shingles whilst with MS. It also turned out unbekown to me i have and EBV and other weird virus lol. Found from special blood tests and the EBV was show reactive when it was actually not.

who knows with MS. I had no idea where i got my shingles from.

Hope its not too painful, but if in doubt ask the medics. xx

We are all at risk of shingles (if we had chickenpox (not measles I had them all) earlier in life). I believe there is some evidence that it may be stress related but I think we really do not know. It can be related to some DMTs. In essence people get shingles. People with MS may get shingles slightly more often. People with MS on DMTs may get it more often.
Worrying about this probably makes shingles more likely!
In essence I hope I don’t get it, but there is little I can do to change the chances so it is not high on my worry budget.



Thanks both. Reassuring to know that loads of other MS patients have not been struck down with shingles post vaccine at least. I realise the chickenpox virus lives on in your system just waiting to reappear at some point later on in life. Apparently people with MS are more affected by shingles according to my consultant. Helps if the antivirals can be started ASAP.

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I had shingles just before MS put in an appearance - same place, too. But shingles is a common condition and MS isn’t and so, tempting as it is to infer a connection, one probably shouldn’t. But of course I infer one anyway! :slight_smile: I hope you get well soon. If you find yourself troubled by post-shingles neuralgia, and I hope you don’t, may I suggest you ask your GP about Axsain cream? My GP recommended it to me and it really helped. It has helped me with MS nerve pain in the past too. Most of the painkillers are systemic pills that can knock a person sideways, but Axsain is a topical cream with no side effects at all, as long as you keep it well away from your eyes - it’s made of capsaicin!

Thanks Alison for the tip. Still on the morphine but I will bear that in mind.

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Morphine! Crumbs, poor you. Sounds like a really bad dose of shingles you’ve got there. Good wishes for a quick recovery.