Shingles & ms

Hi I have ma and got told yesterday I have got shingles. Just wondering of any advice anyone got as heard ms n chicken pox\shingles don’t go well together thanks


Shingles (Herpes Zoster) is caused by the same virus that causes chicken pox (the varicella zoster virus). Initially you catch chicken pox, usually as a child, and recover from it but the virus then lies dormant in your body. For most people it doesn’t cause any problems but in some people it can recur in the form of shingles.

The main thing is with any infection and MS is that it can cause a pseudo relapse. That is a flare up of symptoms due to the infection or fever rather than a true relapse. A pseudo relapse will settle down again a soon as the infection passes so that is one good thing :slight_smile:

The other thing with shingles is that it can cause post-herpetic pain which is neuropathic ain as a result of the virus causing inflammation in a nerve. This pain can last for months after the shingles goes away and if you already have neuropathic pain from the MS it may confuse the issue a bit.

But otherwise having shingles is no worse for your MS than having any other illness. But shingles cam be a particularly nasty illness and quite painful. Did your Dr prescribe an anti-viral for you? If not and it is still within the first 48 hours of getting ill I would be asking for some. It can dramatically shorten the length of the illness and reduce the severity of the symptoms. Unfortunately they only work if taken in the first 48 hours though.

I hope you recover quickly,


Oh okay I told my doctor started Sunday which is 48 hours but thinking about it i started Friday will the virul tablets do anything and work?

Best thing would be to ask your Dr. I was a nurse and haven’t worked as one for ages so really shouldn’t be doing internet medicine

Give him a ring ASAP.


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Ok done that thanks

Oh good. Let me know how you get on.

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Just said tablets should still work and advice to keep taking them. The 48 hour thing is just when there more effective. Thanks for your help

Hope you feel much better very soon Col,