shingles with ms

Hi all think I have got shingles .Is there anything I should be cautious about with having ms it’s on my lower back right hand side thx

Hi lucy

i have literally got back from out of hours dr with my hubby who has ms and now has shingles. The dr didn’t seem to think too much of it, said the ms should make now difference. He has been given antiviral tablets to take. He’s is all around one eye and side of face.

feel better soon.

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Hi i have had shingles twice since dx. If it has just started ring gp out of hours and arrange to see out of hours doc to get treatment to resolve asap. Creams can be prescribed if caught early. Not had any effact on my ms all the best neil


Thx for replys .It must have been about 3/4 days it started .my back felt hot like burning feeling in one area which I get with my ms anyway then started irritating thought maybe I had scraped my skin at time but noticed last night the cluster of spots in one area which I’m sure is shingles the time I noticed was too late for docs so I was going to go on Monday .I don’t feel to bad at moment just that burning irritating feeling where it is x

Lucy, a few years ago I had shingles around my middle right hand side. I was told by my neuro that it is unrelated to MS. The stabbing pains were very similar to MS pains, just slightly less sharp. I found that my clothes brushed against the shingles rash and triggered the pains, so most of the time at home I didn’t wear a shirt. Unfortunately the rash is not a pretty sight, but it did clear up.

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