Shingles ????

Hi Everyone,

I had been feeling a bit I’ll for a few days. Anyone yesterday I felt like I had been bit. When I looked I noticed a rash around my waste. I ran doctors who said it was shingles. I started on treatment 5 tablets a day, took 2 yesterday. Then 5 a day from now on. The rash is getting worse on my back. My worry is if it will spread to my face, as I believe it can be dangerous. What is anyone else’s experiences of shingles. I have rrms.


Hi, I had shingles a few years back around my middle, and i too had the tablets, but that was before i started on medication for ms.

shingles follow a nerve so if you have it around your middle it wont spread to your face. You should start to feel better soon, take plenty of rest, x

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you sure its shingles? did the doctor see you for diagnosis?

I have had shingles started left side and boy it started with pain. I thought it was another attack of nerve pain. it only presented at the front the doctor confirmed it was shingles by then blistery and painful mine looked a little like this. I just had a small patch where i usually got nerve pain. lucky it was just a mild case. but some people are quite ill with them. xx also everyone is different.


I had it on one hip a few years ago, in the days when you could see a GP face to face. I got straight onto anti viral meds and it cleared up quickly with no fuss. It didn’t spread from where it initially appeared.

Hope yours gets better soon

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