Hi, i have been diag with shingles! The G.P phoned me & asked me to send him a picture of the blisters, he called back & said its shingles. I have to pick up some pills tomorrow. I had a blister come up on my chin, then I felt smaller blisters at the top of my head these are all on the left side. I had an appointment for a blood test today & the nurse said it could be shingles, I am also getting pain like an electric shock in my left ear & my ear is tender to touch. Has anyone heard about this? I thought you got a rash round your middle with shingles. Regards to all Elly.

I had shingles about three years ago now. On my right foot. If I get any cold or flu symptoms it messes with my MS symptoms. Doctors diagnosed it too late to treat it, so was lumbered with it for three months.

My mum had it on her face, so I am sure it can appear on various parts of your body.

Here is to a speedy recovery for you.

Hi i had shingles a few years ago around my ribs. Shingles follow nerves so it can effect any part of the body. Hope you feel better soon

I had shingles just under a boob about eight years ago! Taken soon enough antiviral are great. My shingles lasted a couple of weeks. They re appeared a few months ago again only for a couple of weeks. A little itchy and tingly so I got off lightly.

Best wishes

Jan x

Hi Elly,

I had shingles a few years back, like you a rash on my forehead and electric shocks down my face, saw my GP who diagnosed shingles, she said just take gabapentin (which I take anyway) for the electric shocks and it will ease in time. It took a few weeks to go, but eventually subsided. Hope that helps. Take care.