Hello everyone in M.Street… hope that you are all well.

Over the last 2 weeks I have had a bout of Shingles and have felt rubbish to say the least.

Am getting over the worst of it… I have noticed that my walking has deteriorated which I am upset about.

Is Shigles common with MS people ? and does it cause much damage ?

Thanks in advance.


Hi FD, You have got Shingles because your autoimmune system is more likely to get this sort of thing, it’s the fact we are more open to infections. I’m afraid I don’t know enough about Shingles except it’s pretty nasty. I wish you a speedy recovery. Janet x

Hi FD Shingles is particularly prevalent in people who are immuno suppressed which is why you shouldn’t go out when you have it, also because it is highly contagious !! In MrH’s case, he also has a re occurrence whenever he is stressed or anxious…because once you have had it, I’m afraid, it can re occur. And in his case, has, several times !! Google post hermetic neuralgia, which my hubby suffers from after every bout and which can really knock the stuffing out of him for several weeks and sometimes months after a bout. Xx