Chicken pox?

Hello, I am I am having my first episode and am worried that my son has chickenpox and I might catch it is that possible? I have already had chickenpox is young boy. Thank you very much George

its very rare to get it twice although it is possible and although you can get chickenpox from some-one with shingles (same virus) you can’t go the other way. I think people with mainly adults who have not had it before, early on pregnant women & those with weakened immune systems need to be careful around chickenpox.

My little niece just had it and she said ice-lollies were very good at making her feel better

JBK xx

ok - I mis-typed —’ people with mainly’ should read ‘people who should maybe worry are mainly’

thats what you get when you are trying to type and talk at the same time about different things

JBK xx

you can get it again even after having it as a kid, probably rare but it is a risk if you dont have the anti bodies. you can have a blood test to see if you still have the anti bodies. just be careful and if you notice symptoms for yourself, go get looked at