[a=150][color=#40004Hi Folks,

Just a very quick question.
My 23 month old nephew has just been diagnosed with
chickenpox, are we more susceptible?
I ask as we are having a BBQ this evening and I’ve only just found out…

Hoping it should be okay, as I had them when I was 24, but
worrying about shingle’s, even though I’ve had them as well…

Any advice please?

Hugs Galore

Hi Jomelia :smiley:
My 3 year old had chicken pox not long ago and I never had a problem. You will be fine!
Enjoy your bbq :wink:

Hi, if you’ve had chicken pox you can’t get them again.

Anyone who has had chicken pox has the virus in their body forever, which can then come out as shingles… usually if run-down or stressed.

Anyway, you’ll be fine,

Pat x

im sorry but you can get chicken pox twice . ive had it twice. once when i was young and then again in my early thirties.
was very painful the second time round.