Share and Cinnamon

Hi ,

I wanted to do a share. I haven’t been on here much in the last few years,as I’ve been pretty well. I’ve just come out of a four month relapse. I only seem to get relapses when I get a cold and this one was no exception.

However, I have been feeling really bad over the last week. I think I was incubating something. I had the MS anger fpr a few days, does anybody else get this? It’s horrible. I felt pretty bad yesterday.

However, I feel so much better today. I take Ceylon cinnamon three times a day, 1/2 a tspn in hot water to mix and then diluted with cold, once mixed. I took my final one late last night, about ten. I slept for twelve hours. I woke up feeling so much better.

I just wanted to share this. Just in case it can improve somebody else’s symptoms.



Hey Adrian. Share and cinnamon. Thought you were advertising a new pop group… MS anger ??? Apparently I have this, please explain in case I’ve got hold of the wrong end of the stick, bor…

Hi Carraboy,

I get MS anger and it is horrible. It’s a direct symptom and I just get really angry. I am angry at everything and everyone.

I had it for nine days once and then I realised that Cinnamon had helped in the past. Took it and 30 minutes later, my symptoms started to go.

Cinnamon has really good anti-inflammatory properties. So I should imagine it’s getting rid of the inflammation that’s causing the symptoms. I feel so much better today.

Omega 3 has the same properties, so if you take it in conjunction with that. I can’t take too much Omega 3 as it makes me feel sick.

I just wanted to Cher. :slight_smile:

Valium has the happy bonus of being good for anger and anxiety, as well as cramp and spasticity.

I was originally prescribed it for anxiety (well before diagnosis), but ironically, am still on the same stuff, but primarily as a muscle relaxant now.

I know it’s a controversial drug in some circles, and tends to provoke strong feelings, but I feel fortunate that one drug treats so many things I happen to have.

I take it mainly for the muscle pain, but if I happen to be really cross or anxious too, it zaps those as well!



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cannabis can help with anger


I feel that my anger is a direct symptom of MS and I think it’s caused by inflammation. So, if you get rid of the inflammation you get rid of the symptom. And it works, the Ceylon cinnamon is brilliant.

I just wanted to share. The weakness I have on the left-hand side is better today. All my symptoms are. :slight_smile:

Cool. Cheers W.B. I will try it… Shoop shoop…

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Btw it use Ceylon cinnamon. Cassia cinnamon has coumarin in t which is a poison. :slight_smile:

Adrian - This must be the ‘spice of life’. On the PPMS forum - we have had an interesting discussion about Turmeric. And l have been taking this in a capsule form. lt has turmeric and black pepper. lt is supposed to be a brilliant anti- inflammatory - and is also recommended for dogs/cats/horses. l do buy it online- in large amounts to cook with. The little pots you get in a supermarket are so expensive if you use it frequently. So the dogs are also getting it in their food. We all suffer with arthritis.

Looks like l shall be adding cinnamon to my daily mountain of supplements. And l shall look for the Ceylon one.

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Cinnamon has been on my radar when I investigated the benefits of tumeric. I’ve found plenty of Ceylon cinnamon on Amazon. I’m going to give a try too, especially as I’ve just had an adverse reaction to Baclofen. Thanks for the info!

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Just seeing the word Baclofen gives me the creeps. l was only taking a low starting dose - but it put me in a wheelchair.This was several years ago. l could not physically or mentally function. Tizanidine did the same. That is why my GP prescribed Sativex for me. None of the awful side-effects. l make sure l take magnesium and l also use the gel form of magnesium - this helps with muscles as well as working with vitd3 to help the body absorb calcium. l prefer to take a natural supplement rather than prescription drugs. So anything herbal or spicey.

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Cinnamon is great. I’ll give you a link if you want to buy Ceylon cinnamon? I get it off Amazon. I tried Turmeric but I got bad dreams on it. :frowning:

This is why I love this site, I get so much advice and learn something new all the time. I am not diagnosed yet so still in limbo but I have the most calmest personality, I rarely flare up in anger - until this undiagnosed nightmare started! My husband read this post then gave me a big hug and had me read it, he said it explains why I am suddenly so angry with everyone, thank you for highlighting this, I thought I was going mad. when I am not sleeping I am snapping at everyone but this explains it, thank you. My GP tells me nothing because I have no dx, when I have a new symptom I come on here and find an answer and know I am not crazy or imagining it. Husband on Amazon now looking for Ceylon cinnamon, I want to be the old me again, not this nasty horrible woman and will try anything, thank you thank you thank you.

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Hang in there Lulu. I’m on citalopram for my snapping. May try this…

You should give St Johns Wort a try. Very effective. Cinnamon also seems to improve your mood aswell. :slight_smile:

Never heard it called ‘MS Anger’, but I can certainly relate to it… I appear to have a hair-trigger some days, and find it is easier to just shut up and not talk to people when I’m not feeling happy and positive - if I want to keep friends! I might try the cinnamon stuff myself… luckily I like cinnamon and it won’t be any hardship to try a bit more of it!

I’ve been in an absolutely foul mood tonight and don’t have any of the above spices, herbs or drugs in my stash, so I’ve self-medicated on the biggest bar of Cadbury’s the local filling station had to offer - and now I’m cured.

Sweet dreams!



Thanks Spacejacket,

i have been on Tizanidine for 3days & noticed the thirst (first adverse side effect) has started. So I don’t have high hopes. Will try the cinnamon along with the tumeric & my special cakes. I have to do something, my balance & spasticty is intolerable. Clearly I can’t get Sativex.

my wonderful husband is off to climb Kilimanjaro on Wednesday for the MS Society. He’s very worried about leaving me in case I fall etc. So I now have an extra rollator for the garden , pegging the washing out, doing the hens etc. It was only £36 delivered, so good old eBay.

forgot to mention, also on Biotin, the usual vits & supplements. Not heard of magnesium gel, I’ll investigate. Off to Amazon now.


St John’s was my gateway drug !!! Lovely fella he is too. Also into ambulances. Some days he just sits and harmonizes his wee wahs…

That’s ok. Try this if you don’t like the idea of raw cinnamon. I think I may have overdone it.