Got Desperate Last Night

Hi folks really annoyed with myself today got desperate lastnight with the ms hug pain i was doubled over in my man cave sat by my harley with it in my left and right ribs and left back that i opened the bag of cannabis that i bought 2yrs ago , personally its not a route i want to go down but lastnight was extreme so iput some in my fag and sat doubled up and 10 mins later the hug stopped dead just vanished and not the slow diminish i normally get when i lay down but a sudden stop i stood up walked around bent over totally gone i came in and said to the wife what i had did (shes dead against it like i am) she couldnt beleive how better i was in posture and walking and there was very very little in it as it makes me feel sick as a dog so i waited and waited and it was 3hrs before it returned but not as extreme as it was before just a copable dull ache anyhoos i walked up the stairs to bed and it wasnt the normal hold the rail and struggle with each step my legs were relaxed and not hurting/aching as i went approx about midnight it started again but again no where near as bad that i couldnt cope and i finally fell asleep about 1-2amish and awoke this morning and its started to act up again but im really angry i gave in and smoked it as it wasnt and still isnt a route i want to follow so im having a conflict of morals and whats needed fight going on in my head more coffee is on the cards and more painkillers today i think hope your all having a good day and sorry for the long posting but i am sure someone on here is in the same delema

respect sheep

Hello Sean.

I understand what it means to be in chronic pain. I was a nurse in an hospice, and seen how at times, it can be difficult to get the correct combination an dosage of drugs to control pain.

My husband has lived with chronic pain since a botched op in 1999…he struggles a lot with pain.

All you have to do Sean, is judge yourself. I am happy that you had some pain free time and slept well…are you happy Sean?

Be careful won’t you, in whatever decision you make. You’re a lovely man

Noreen x

Hello Sheep,

I have never used pot, so I have no experience of it, but I was just thinking that perhaps it might just have been the relaxing effect of the pot that helped you get over the MS hug? If that was the case then you don’t have to feel as if you have to use it for any other effect and you won’t be tempted to use it again. Just a thought…


Hi Sean.

Know exactly what you are saying!
I have had a dabble myself in the past and found the benefits can be quite remarkable!
In fact my Neurologist did drop a large hint about it when he confirmed my SPMS diagnosis.
I too was not comfortable with the moral aspect much like yourself.
Since I gave up the fags 2 years ago I also do not want to go back to smoking!!

There is a drug called Sativex that is a cannibis derivative!
It has very recently been licenced here in Wales for MS symptom relief but only AFTER all other drugs have failed.
I believe it can be obtained by private prescription if your GP cannot / willnot prescribe it.
Drop Wobblyboy a message.
I believe from a previous post he may have experiance of these things.

Take Care Buddy!


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Hi Sean,things hsitty at the moment.If you Google E-med, you can join for £25 (that was 3-4 years ago) you have to prove you’ve got MS,apart from sending a video of falling over, a Doctors letter should suffice.Then I had a quick chat with somebody on the end of the phone and eventually they sent a script to Dicksons in Glasgow.They’ll fill the script and empty your bank account of £450 ish,and send three Sativex canisters.

That’s what happened 3-4 years ago and I imagine there’ll be something akin now.Once I joined E-med the re-emptying of the bank account was straight forwards.Oh, back in the day when the ‘Sativex substitute’ helped me, making cookies then shovelling small amounts in was a better delivery system than skinning up.That two year old stuff of yours is probably past its best.

Be lucky, Wb

I am still awaiting a diagnosis but sometimes for quite a few months now, I’ve noticed pain inbetween each rib(and when I press on the rib or in between, it hurts sore pretty wierd) and sometimes I feel pressure with difficulty breathing. I’m new to this. Does this sound like an MS hug?

hi sheep

i say if it does you good, go for it. a naturally growing product with medicial powers? not long before it gets taxed!

sorted, respect due, fluffyollie

Thanks folks some great reading and understanding and i thankyou for that cheers wobbly unfortunately my career in the RNLI because it was cut short meant i had no pension etc so no income from that and i was a self/employed fisherman/skipper so no income from that and having kids means no money left for me as my kids come before everything and if that means i hurt or have to find a cheaper way than so be it but thanks for the info though i dont know if its available in the Uk private or not.

Thanks Allen yep its a horrible choice to make especially when it stopped for 72hrs but today its back again with any luck i can string it out until i retire to bed but if not i now know what i have to do i just dont want my kids finding out as if they thought less of me it would crush me , Blossom you are a great person too and an inspiration to me and i thankyou for that and your kind words and to work in a hospice takes a special person and that shows through in your words x (x is for Blossom allen dont get worried )

And thanks for all the other comments its great when you get replies from folks that understand your train of thought and delema

respect Sean

Hi Sean, I agree with all the other comments. Sean I do not think you kids would think any less of you for trying to ease your pain in order to cope with this cruel illness, but I do understand your concern. The fact that you are thinking like that shows what a great dad you are and they are lucky to have you. I think you are being very hard on yourself if you get some relief what is the difference between that and prescription drugs, they are all drugs.

be a bit kinder to yourself,

ann x

Hi Sean

Don’t be too hard on yourself just because you had a bit of puff. I’m sure your wife and kids were thrilled to see such an improvement in you. You say the children are the most important things to you, but I’m sure they’d be even happier if they didn’t have to see their Dad suffering endless pain when a little weed can give you such relief.

So treat yourself to whatever helps you and no one here will be judging you I’m sure.

Best wishes


We all know that MS is varied in symptoms and severities and the effects of drugs are equally unpredictable. However, i have seen tremendous benefits afforded to those who took in THC / cannabinoids, and the benefits were consistent and predictable.

Clearly the recreational ‘benefits’ of such compounds are well documented; the food and fuels derived from the same plant material has been exploited since the stone age; and thankfully and not at all before time, legislation is finally allowing research into the genuine and complete medical application of ‘weed’.

Words fail to adequately convey the conviction i have, that cannabis effectively works to dull the often horrific symptoms of illnesses such as MS (not to mention myriad prescription drugs and therapies for the treatment of cancers etc). I have witnessed it several times over and i urge all to try it if they have the opportunity to do so.

It is nothing short of tragic that such a harmless plant material can be deemed to be so taboo, so abhorrent as a medication in place of endless pills from a pharmacy. It is not a gateway to wreck and ruin. It is not a path to certain paranoia and psychosis. It is a cost effective means to gain immediate relief from physical pains and psychological stress.


Hi Sean, I agree with all other comments. I do not think you should feel guilty about dealing with the pain associated with MS. Is it fair that we have to suffer this pain? Anything, especially if natural, should be accepted if it helps. Everything (if you believe ) has been put on this earth for a purpose!


Hi sheep, really sorry to hear what is happening to you. Have your heard about the MS Society’s campaign to get medicinal cannabis (pain relief medicine, not to be smoked) made available to people with MS. Unsuccessful so far. They are trying to collect data on people’s use of cannabis to help MS symptoms - survey on this is completely confidential and link is here

Also would be great if anyone who fancies it does the survey - like I say, it’s completely confidential and untraceable and they’re just collecting data, so just as interested in people who have never used cannabis for symptom relief doing it as for people who have.

Thanks folks survey done alot of interesting points of veiw enough for me to mull over and reflect on thakyou

respect sheep

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I apologise, but this thread has awoken an old passion in me, that being the benefits of Cannabis for those with MS.

Some personal background: i am not a bad lad; not a criminal; no convictions; an upstanding member of society. But I have also known a high (geddit?) number of recreational consumers of cannabis and had partaken myself, for… ahem… 14 years.

Having family blighted by MS, i studied cannabis whilst at university (both formally and recreationally) and authored at least one essay on the subject. It was disturbing then and even more so now (all these years later) that the availability of product and even information is seemingly suppressed, whilst the shame and fear associated with use remains prominent.

For what it is worth, i happened upon a link, which has links for further reading within itself:

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I also wanted to say to Shaun, have you thought about taking cannabis by infusing it in oil and consuming the oil, rather than smoking it? Much less harmful way of accessing the thc.

Sean did say in his original message, that his wife is against him taking cannabis. Also, whatever our personal views are, using cannabis is illegal

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Thanks folks and whilst i understand the benefits i cant bring myself to go down this route so ive decided that im not closing the door on it but its an option for me maybe later in life so for now gonna tuff it out and try and work through it as alot on here do and they are an insipration how they manage to be upbeat most days and like Blossom and Polar Bear to name but a few is testiment to their characters and yes ilegal is not a route im gonna follow yet but thakyou for you time and efforts in the discussion

respect Sean

Hi Sean and Blossom

I was thinking about this a bit. Does it make any difference to you two that using THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) to treat the symptoms of MS is perfectly legal? THC is the active ingredient in Satifex, which has been approved to treat MS symptoms. Sean, your neuro would almost certainly prescribe this to you - the only question would be whether you could afford it, since NICE have decided it’s too expensive to provide on the NHS.

It doesn’t make sense to me that when a drug company synthesises THC and then charges everyone a fortune to use the drug they’ve made from it, taking it is fine. However, as soon as someone with MS gets THC out of cannabis and uses it for pain relief, it is this awful act (like I said above, I’m talking about infusing it in oil where you don’t get high and you don’t have any of the nasty effects of smoking). I’d really like to hear both of your views on this.

Hi Sewing yep i dont understand your suggested way of taking it but on your other point , its frowned upon because its illegal and thats enough unfortunately to stop me as a charity rep and having children means im confined to my man cave (garage) so on these points i made the decision i wouldnt use it but not close the door on it but leave it ajar as an option for maybe later in life if needs must, i have many many friends that use it for recreational purposes which is fine by me as each to their own , it just isnt rright for me at the moment and the only way i know is to smoke it or bake it neitheer fits within my surroundings so until things change (i.e. kids become adults and move out) or it all gets too much to handle hence the leaving the door ajar.

As for Sativex i would be willing but my money wouldnt stretch as we are barely getting by in the present times but i also think this should be available to anyone in the Uk on the NHS as i think alot of suffers for many differing illness and medications are treated badly by the world in many ways medication availability is 1.

As for the goverment/powers that be make this stuff out of the same way we would have to and i assume in the same compound well theres nothing new as we all know goverments can be hypocritical and what suits 1 doesnt suit the other but this is shown in many things in life a way too deep of a conversation for me on goverments etc.

I just hope 1 day all folks will get access to the proven medications they need regardless of what illness. Hope the above kinda makes sense as deep convos are something i dont do anymore as my memory is useless and i find myself having to re-read what ive typed several times.

respect Sheep