Thank you, MS Society (cannabis)

Today’s announcement by the Society, to say that they want a change in the law to enable those with MS to be able to use cannabis safely and without fear of arrest is something that I have waited for for a long time. Legalise cannabis as treatment of last resort for MS, says charity | Multiple sclerosis | The Guardian Choice is all I’m asking for.

Having used it for years, I have dreamed of a day when my GP can say - “which of these would be the best prescription for you?”… I’m hoping that the word Bedrocan will become known throughout the land, for all the right reasons.

Look after yourself and take care xx

Hallelujah, at last. I think the time has well and truly come to at least give some credence into it’s benefits in MS pain relief. Having tried every drug in the chemist for neurological pain, this is the only thing that touches it. I, like a lot of others run the risk of being branded ‘druggies’ & criminals for using it. The effects of the prescribed drugs are never in question, many of which cause horrible side effects, personally I will run the risk of arrest & jail for a few hours of painless sleep & I am sick of being judged & condemned for using it. The sooner the better its uses are regulated & the stigma lifted.


I’m a sativex patient and a medical cannabis consumer x

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Tell us how it benifits you and it’s side effects .

I been taking cannabis for pain and to help me sleep it is brillant, it is would be medical if medical cannabis is made legal

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Hi, I mange my PPMS, with the full knowledge of my healthcare team, GP. Neuro team, pain team.

the spasticity is managed with the sativex now. Before it was solely cannabis. But to be honest all sativex is only cannabis tincture, that’s cannabis plants soaked in alcohol, bottles and minty taste added, it’s the only alcohol I consume.

Medicinal cannabis, help me with. Pain, brain fog, speech, bladder control, muscle tight pressure, MS hug, 1 experience in about 2 years, INO, my goodness the list is endless, every aspect of my PPMS is benifical, no side effects, it so great.

my pharma drugs I take baclofen x2, pregablin x1…that’s it, no opiates.

It works for me and that’s good enough, the worldwide research is there, I choose to believe it.

ive become my own expert patient, hope this helps x

Cannabis is demonized wrongly I feel. I was prescribed volterol many years ago & nearly died from a burst ulcer. I have had so many 'legal or should I say lethal painkillers I forget all their names. I appreciate Cannabis is not for everyone, but believe me, the pain is so much more bearable with it & I get some sleep, quality sleep. I take it solely for medicinal purposes & not recreational. I don’t feel ‘stoned’ out of my brain because I can control the amount I take. I don’t like being made to feel I am a criminal or that it should be a dirty little secret. The alternative to my pain relief is a spinal nerve stimulator which is very invasive & might not work. I’ll take my chance with cannabis thanks, any day.

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I think it’s high time for the debate, and I’d like to thanks the MS Society for backing it.

Personally, I think we should legalise it for everyone, but definitely for medical use.

It’s not just for MS, btw, it’s beneficial for several other conditions. And I do appreciate that it has side-effects for some, but there are also a lot of legal substances that are as harmful.

Jo x


What side effects are you referring to?

Well wrote. I agree about the demonise quote. Yet the people who peddle the drug, don’t do the use any favours.

Just the same as an unhealthy cake seller.

A person selling carbon fibre mountain bikes, doesn’t wear a heavy suite of armour & carry a machete.

Horses for courses. When it’s championed for the right reason, it will sell itself, for it’s benefit.

No body would have surgery, if not for Opiates. Yet they don’t sell it in a sweet shop. Ask yourselves why?

No pain, no gain!

Terry wink

Paranoid schizophrenia & the no pain squad. Folks imagine they are invincible & then they die a lot quicker.

Most mind altering substances are misused & that is where the debate will struggle.

It’s like a religion to some folks & Elvis has left the building.


The addictive nature - it is anecdotally a gateway drug (although I suspect that people who progress to harder drugs would anyway, addictive personalities and all that) - this is usually the reason given for not legalising, isn’t it?

But as for me, I want the medicinal effects, not the high.




pits absolutely not a gateway drug, I’m afraid you have the misinformation that’s been drip fed to the public,

there are many science based medical studies that cannabis is an effective exit drug and you can actually choose to medicate without experience the high, if you will. But it’s really nothing to fear , with the right information, education, you can make an informed choice, please look at for more information that has been proof read by a consultant neurologist. Or search for the UPA on Facebook, I’m really not going to feed the government propaganda, co,e discover it for yourself.

I have used Cannabis for years & have never had any desire to use the hard drugs. I react badly to co-codamol let alone any of the other 1s & as for Zapain, it should be banned!!! Cannabis does not turn me into a dribbling mess or a zombie, unlike the prescribed 1s have. I saw the benefit hospice patients had from it 1st hand, I used to roll it for them when they asked for it. These patients were not ‘stereotypes’ they had tried everything else, this gave them back control. Personally speaking, it needs to be researched properly, but I can place a safe bet it’s potentials will far out way any risks. Lets not forget, it is a plant, in it’s green form (I do not recommend resin, you don’t know what’s in it), it’s natural. It’s been around a hell of a long time. It’s not for everyone, & as with any drug it can cause addiction, but with care it’s so beneficial for pain relief. I don’t like being in pain, not sure I know anyone that does, so yes I am a member of the ‘no pain squad’. Paranoid is 1 of Black Sabbath’s finest works I feel & I haven’t got time to die just yet, too much to see & do.

Actually, if you read what I wrote, you will see I made the same point - it doesn’t get legalised or investigated because of a PERCEPTION that it’s a gateway drug, I didn’t say it IS one.

I don’t “fear” it any more than I “fear” alcohol, coffee, aspirin, paracetamol etc.

You’re just replacing one propaganda with another - from an FB group with an agenda. The information there is just as biased cannabis as opposing propaganda is .

Everyone has an agenda, no opinion is unbiased, and it’s an opinion - not necessarily a truth. Let’s not go down the Donald Trump route, where he thinks adding the word “fact” to his opinion turns it into one.

This isn’t an echo chamber, where everyone has to agree - it’s a forum, where debate is encouraged. We don’t have to fall out, we can just respect everyone else’s right to make their own choices and bring their different ways of looking at things - I’m not saying cannabis should be banned, or you don’t have the right to use it, or anything of the sort - in fact, quite the opposite!

I’m not looking for a fight, but you seem quite determined to pick one with me.


Oh I’m really not. I’m not forcing you, I’ll give the facts, science based medical facts from our website that all content has been approved by a consultant neurologist, I’m not here to try and convince you at all, the use of medicinal cannabis, that’s your choice, all I can do is provide science fact, not anecdotal evidence, if you choice to believe it it’s up to you.

it helps me, all I can do is share my truth, I don’t have the strength, time or interest in fighting, if patients wish to learn more great, nut I certainly don’t promote propaganda, trying to help patients is a whole different thing. I say let people make their own choice, cannabis is proven to treat the symptoms of MS, you only have to look at sativex, which can cause a high…so what’s the difference?

I’m being sarckey, sorry. No disrespect to anyone, I just know it works for me. I’ve tried everything else, this is my only peace from pain, hope no one is offended, but I fully endorse it, works for me & obviously others, I will not be condemned for it, neither should anyone who chooses it, not aimed at you Jo. Really hope I haven’t come over that way.

No. They don’t get any revenue, same as simple Arthritis drugs, they make no money. Government would rather limit or endorse drugs that are needed or ones that are not. Very corrupt, my opinion. (surprise, surprise).

Hey lovely. You owe nobody a reason why you treat yourself with medicinal cannabis,

your life, your choice, we don’t owe anyone anything,

im a MS patient, if people learn from my cannabis journey, great, I’m not here to covert people, just offer up facts, medical based research, ultimately it’s their choice, but don’t ever apologise for doing what benefits you, its medicine for millions of people worldwide, just because this government is draconian, doest mean we can’t educate and treat ourself.

MS is shitty enough x

But the point I’m trying to make, GBM, is that a website in favour is just going to be dismissed - because a fact isn’t a fact just because someone says it is. For every website that says “cannabis be bad”, there’ll be another saying “cannabis be good”, and neither of them are based on scientific fact, because no-one will legalise it enough to do proper trials so we can know what the proper facts are! (If you want the opposing view from Bart’s blog, see Multiple Sclerosis Research: Legalising Cannabis. What's your view?, particularly MouseDoctor’s comments from Saturday, July 29, 2017 12:22:00 am - see what I mean?)

Oh - and I’m not persuaded to try cannabis, as I have no pain, and can cope with my spasticity, so why would I? It’s not your argument that’s not persuading me, it’s lack of need.

But I am completely of the opinion that if you do have pain or spasticity, that you should be able to use cannabis if it helps, without the shadow of criminality hanging over you. We are on the same side - really, we are - but I really do want the argument to be won, not to be dismissed by the government because we couldn’t put a good argument for legalising it.

And if this isn’t an example of a completely fallacious objection winning the day, I don’t know what is…

I think Councillor Doig should offer to swap bodies with you for a few days and see how coping with chronic pain with just a keep-fit program works for her… I think she would then have a very different view afterwards…