Cannabis and MS

We consulted our medical advisers and thousands of people with MS. We’ve also reviewed the evidence which shows that cannabis for medicinal use can help some people with MS relieve pain and muscle spasms.

We think the UK Government should make cannabis for medicinal use for pain and muscle spasms in MS available to those who could benefit:

72% of people with #MS in our survey agree. What do you think?


Hello Oliver et al,

Can I just say that I’ve waited years and years for the MS Society to come out and take a stance on medical cannabis - thank you!

As a country, we are years behind many other countries attitudes towards cannabis and the Home Office response to the news is confusing. They state that cannabis has no medicinal value, yet they allow Sativex to be produced? …very confusing…

Anyway, for too long, all we’ve heard about cannabis is confusion and condemnation and now the MS Society has decided to take a stance we’ll hopefully start to hear an adult discussion about the subject.

At last I feel that the Society is on my side and is trying to ensure that no-one should be a criminal for trying to look after themselves.

Thank you, for, hopefully, firing the starting gun on cannabis and MS in this country. Criminals are in charge of supply, at the moment, and I’d rather get my medicine from a Doctor’s prescription.


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Hey lovelies,

As a sativex and a medical cannabis consumer. I welcome and thank the MS society for taking a lead in normalising and recognising medicinal cannabis for what it is and the hundreds of thousand of UK patients it could potentially help.

if you’d like more information on medicinal cannabis as a treatment for MS. Please get in touch with the

there is loads of useful information.

i have PPMS, I only take 3 doses of pharma drugs a day now. No opiates, I manage my symptoms with medical cannabis. Sativex and the full consent and knowledge of my entire health care team.


The moment when my chest stops spasming and the crushing chest pain disappears… magic every single time! Thanks, weed.

Glad to see a leading voice being relatively reasonable.

I would hope the team updates this page to include at least some mention of vaporisers. Lifting the crystal without combustion or smoke is really a boon to medicinal use. The temperature is adjustable, you’re in control, it’s cleaner and it lasts longer.

Would echo each of the posts above.

Cannabis is literally a life-saver for me in terms of reducing spasm and spasticity - nothing even comes close in terms of effectiveness.

But it offers so much more than that - great for enhancing libido, lifting mood and boosting energy (using the right strain) before doing stretching or exercise.

Vaping is a great way of using it cleanly too but you can also use edibles if not keen on inhaling steam.

In my eyes, it’s literally criminal that chronically ill people like us are criminalised for seeking relief from a plant.

Thanks again to the society for taking a stand


we are great advocates of vaping at the UPA, I use a mighty and a vapexhale evo

I’ll check out the website. Good old Storz and Bickel! I have a crafty

Yes. It is pretty vile. Fills me with a special kind of horror

On the positive side, it’s only a matter of time? :slight_smile:

I use both infused liquid for vaping & a specially designed xmate vaporizer which heats it in a ceramic chamber. Works grand for me. No steam with this model, it just heats the ‘herb’ which releases the ‘benefits’ & then empty the ashes, ready for next time. No tobacco (horrible stuff). Instant relief, no waiting for it to kick in. Best pain killer I’ve had.

I’m never going to say cannabis is a cure all, it’s really not, but it sure as hell helps me.

if patients want to take that first step, I’m always about.

its all about education and picking the right strains for your specific needs, the same as any pharmaceutical

You’re probably consuming the wrong strains !!

it can make a massive difference