Random question re: cinnamon spice and honey

Has anyone tried using cinnamon and honey to help with their fatigue? There are some amazing claims being made regarding the use of cinnamon and honey used together, for fatigue, stopping the pain in arthritis sufferers and a whole lot more so I am going to give it a go. Has anyone on here ever tried combining these two together, and what were the results? There are no claims it does anything specifically for MS but who knows? I am willing to give it a go if no one else has. Tracy (By the way, it has to be Ceylon cinnamon and not any other sort. It’s pretty inexpensive stuff so it won’t break the bank). Tracy

I Tracy,

I like both flavours, but don’t hold out any hope at all of them spelling an end to pain and fatigue, for any condition.

I think cinammon has anti-inflammatory properties, similar to turmeric (same family, perhaps?), but I imagine you’d need to take vast quantities to get a therapeutic dose. Honey is good for you, and has antibacterial properties, among other things. But curing pain and fatigue? If only it were that simple! And again, even if there was some basis in truth, how much would you need to eat, to be effective? Would spreading it on your toast in the mornings be enough, or would you have to more-or-less forcefeed yourself the stuff?

As you say, if it’s cheap and you like it anyway, what the heck, but in general with such DIY remedies, don’t expect much. The chances all our problems can be solved by adding a couple of inexpensive items to the weekly grocery shop are pretty small, in my view. I suppose you might benefit from the placebo effect, if you really think it’s going to work. Maybe that’s why such things never work for me - I haven’t faith they would?


I do. I think that cinnamon is amazing for cognitive function. I have just been using it for a week and I have really noticed the effects. I take 1/2 tsp in a bit of hot water. Drink it quickly as it tastes pretty horrible. They are doing a study in the US about it’s affects on MS. It has been shown to reduce disabilty in mice with the MS equivalent. The only drawback for me is that it gives me quite severe tinnitus.

Adrian x

The anti inflammatory diet recommends half a teaspoon of one of a variety of herbs and spices per day. Cinnamon is one of them. Xx

You must have to eat an awful lot of the stuff. I eat the cinnamon flavoured breakfast cereal very often and I love adding cinnamon to cakes and puddings.

I was also eating vast quantities of honey for a while as someone gave me an 8kg (no, that’s not a typo, they worked in the catering trade) bucket of it. I made honey cakes, added it to porridge, spread it on toast, etc etc. Then I ended up filling jars of it and giving it away before it crystallised …

I didn’t notice any difference so clearly the quantities I was eating were not enough.


Am busy reading the anti inflammatory diet for dummies. It recommends half a teaspoon per day of one of various herbs and spices, of which, one is cinnamon. Xx

If you are interested in anti inflammation diets theres a good website called the ms diet for women which rates food. i have also recently started juicing veg and fruits which helps with my energy level. Let us know mrs h , what you findxx

Hi Zoe I’ve been looking at that too…the dummies series are so easy to read though…that’s why I bought the book. Very interesting reading. You know how sceptical I am regarding these miracle claims but I thought this is worth a punt given my current liver problem !! Food home delivery is on it’s way after researching the do’s and don’t’s, so here we go !! Missed my Tetley cuppa this morning though !! I have never found a herbal tea that is anything less than disgusting !!

Try cinnamon and apple by Liptons Mrs H, that’s nice or Twinnings Cammomile and spiced apple, add some honey. I have given up caffeine. I sleep so much better now.

Hiya. I can’t comment on the effects on fatigue but just for Tacey. Honey is one of the only foods that doesn’t go off, no matter how long you have it for. Even if it is crystallised it is fine to use.


I hate cinnamon and camomile with a passion !! Oh and for a greekophile, I hate honey !! I am a dead loss when it comes to herbal teas. Honestly, I have wasted so much money on them. I like Bovril though so that was my morning cuppa.

I also take lecithin granules as i have had my gallbladder removed, im sure you said you did to mrs h, maybe worth a google.

Ooh…thanks Zoe…yes I did.

Happy “Winter clothes out from the cupboard”.The weather is a hoot,but we’re British(those of us who are) and,we will survive.I tried the Cinnamon before, by putting about half a T spoon in warm water and gulping it back…MINGING,but a big piece of crystallized ginger cures that.

Within 10 minutes I’ve got more energy than anytime in the last three days,as I’m having a ‘Poo Patch’.That was about an hour ago and I’m starting to fold up again,but there was something good happening. I’ll try it again tomorrow when I’m getting ready to play out,


Wb <(L)>

I know that Sue, but it’s a beggar to get out of a huge plastic bucket when it has started to crystallise! I didn’t fancy digging it out when it had gone solid :wink: Btw, I couldn’t even lift the bucket of honey, I had to sit on the kitchen floor with a jar and a funnel and fill each jar using a ladle. Not a pretty sight …

Tracey x