any ideas?

Hello,just wanted to see if any of you know about the Vitamin ’ Co-Enzyme Q10’ and its possible advantadges in helpin Ms plz?

Asking as I was advised by a Health Shop Assistant that it would be a very good thing to take to try and combat the Fatigue of MS tht i struggle with and Have been taking it for a week or so now but not sure if i have noticed much difference yet.

thnx in advance guys

God Bless

Anna x

Hi, maybe you need to take it for a bit longer yet.

I am wary of what assistants in health food shops advise.

Have you google it?

luv Pollx

Sorry to be cynical, but I don’t think you’ll ever notice any difference. I’ve never taken a single supplement that actually made me FEEL any different - even Vitamin D, which I think is just about the only one there’s sound scientific evidence for.

Of course a salesperson said they’d be really good to take - she’s a salesperson!

I still fall for it from time to time, despite thinking, deep down, that I’m wasting my money (apart from the Vitamin D). I’ve still yet to find one that made any difference to anything except my bank balance.

The trouble is (not that it’s really trouble 'cos I’m glad) I’ve not had a relapse for some time either. So you can get hooked on these expensive things, just in case they might be what’s stopping the relapses, and you are scared to stop. A bit like having to do the same lottery numbers every week, because you’re scared they’ll come up the one week you don’t. Crazily, I still take supplements I don’t think are doing anything, just in case they might be, at some level. I’m sure I’m wasting a fortune. :frowning:



Well, a lot of people will sell you Co-Enzime Q-10, but there is no scientific evidence that it is good for anything except weigh-loss - it take pounds from your wallet (and moves them to the retailer).

It has not been approved by the FDA as a treatment for anything, and the best you can say is that it is not harmfull.


This Thursday there will be a programme on BBC2 8pm. ‘Trust me l am a Doctor’ its Dr Michael Mosely - 3part series which will cover which health supplements are good. l like this man - he did the 5-2 fasting diet series/book.

I tried Co-Q10 a few years ago but didn’t notice any difference. Maybe if I’d tried it for longer I would have, but it was quite pricey so I didn’t keep it up.