Co Enzyme Q10 - for Fatigue

Has anyone heard of this supplement or tried it I have bought some , 300mg the reviews on them seem good but this was with the general not with having ms .

im trying to get through to Pharmacy to check if ok to take alongside Tecfidera

I may have read somewhere about a trial in stage 2 by Biotin has anyone else heard this.


Just done a quick MS & Co Enzyme Q10 search on Google and it looks rather positive.

I also tried to find interactions with Tecfidera but nothing came up ?

Hi, I have just started taking co enzyme for fatigue suppose to be really good for ms because it promotes energy in the cells,will let you know if it helps me!

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Thanks that’s great news ladies, Simone are you taking any other meds a DMD for your ms , I’ve been try’s to contact pharmacy to see if I’m ok to take them with Tecfidera I’m on.

No answer so they must be really busy…

Be sure to let your gp and neurologist know you’re taking Biotin. I seem to remember something about it giving wrong readings in blood test results.

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Thanks Poppy. I will I may delay taking them until my next blood test which is due shortly…

I take MitoQ…which is a more targeted variety. Works a treat but quite expensive compared to the rest …

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The horses-mouth data on tests affected by Biotin can be found here:

It did affect one test for me, and I dropped off the biotin wagon. Since then, every time I think of re-starting, I an scheduled for another test.Some of these are too serious to mess about with, so Biotin remains on the horizon.

Shame - it really did work for me.