I had my 3rd meeting with my neurologist in July. I informed him that I had started taking biotin and felt it was helping with the weakness my ankle. He said to continue with it if I felt it helped but to go off and read about MitoQ. I don’t know if anyone else is taking MitoQ but after reading about it I ordered some and have been oin it now foir 2 months. These are definitely having a positive effect on my energy levels and I have not experienced fatigue. It may be just a placebo effect but definitely worth a look.


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I started to take it a few month ago,but when i sent for some more i was charged lots of duty,about £24 and seen as the mitoQ is expensive to start withi didnt send for anymore, i know the packages are picked at random ,but its just my luck it was mine lol,

so i wasnt on it long enough to tell if there was any difference really.

pleased its working for you.

Thanks for the info Lesley. I’ve looked at the official website. Looks like a heavy duty supplement a la Biotin, which I also take. Balance, fatigue & brain fog I find are my least treatable symptoms, so if the claims are true, this could be worth a bash, despite the price. Are you taking10mg a day?

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Hi Clarkey

yes. I take 10 mg daily and have been taking it for over 2 months. I’ve

just been on a girly holiday and was able to keep up with my 3 friends. I was also worried about the affects of heat as we were in the Caribbean and I felt great. As I said it may be a placebo but it’s worth a go. Good luck.

Thanks too Dewdrop. My neuro never suggests anything so I rely on this forum for useful morsels. I’ll give it a go - nothing to lose!

I’m going to try it too. I’ve registered & got my 10% off voucher. Nothing ventured etc.

I’m very keen to know how you all get along with this…my worst symptoms are fatigue and cognitive problems…I would love nothing more than a little more than energy.

Take care all,

Nina x

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I’ve ordered, 3 months supply dispatched. I have also subscribed to the newsletter & read a piece about this chap with PPMS on MitoQ. Quite inspirational . Mastering Mountains Charitable Trust — Coming Soon I would like to discover more about his diet.

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Certainly was inspirational - though the potential of “misdiagnosis” he mentions worth noting. I wonder if he follows the Wahls protocol as “mitochondria” were key to that science. I may revisit that diet too but would have to tweak it - first attempt led to dramatic weight loss which I don’t need!

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That’s what I thought too. I also wondered that about Dr. wahls when I read her story. I’m a veggie, so that diet is a non starter. I do eat lots of kale! The mitochondria link is interesting. I do appreciate feedback from other people’s neuros. I haven’t seen mine for 3 years.

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Is anyone still taking this and getting any benefit? I’m considering ordering some, but it’s not cheap, so I’m a bit wary…

Jo x

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I have only been on it about a fortnight so far …I shall be giving it a couple of months to decide if it is doing any good …a little too early to say for sure. I know it is quite expensive but nothing to lose …apart from the cash of course!

It was the cash I was worried about, I seem to spend all my spare money on vitamin supplements these days. H&B love me…

A dull sepia type of day and my MS acting up, I like your posts guys. take careM

My MitoQ iS due to arrive tomorrow. I can be specific as I had to pay a £15 customs charge yesterday! I’ll give it a couple of weeks & report back.

The science behind it seems sensible. I’m reading various scientific papers these days (trying to understand), mitochondria Seem to come up on a very regular basis. So it’s kale soup for lunch. Looks disgusting.

Lesley, I’m thinking of taking a leaf out of your book. I’m going to delve into my wheelchair fund & take myself somewhere warm & go scuba diving for a week. The way I’m progressing, it may be too late in a years time. My only worry is travelling alone, as it’ll be 2 flights each way, overnight stays, hassle.etc. Need to think hard about it.

This bit on the MSS website must have passed me by.

Try the search facility at and it should turn up a few results for mitochondria.

Thanks. The weird Kale soup & MitoQ may well be worth a go.

Go for it Clarkey! Life’s too short with or without MS to put off something till tomorrow. I was worried about travelling when I first got told I had MS but now use it as an excuse to do more. I’m off again with my hubby this time . We are celebrating our 25th anniversary. You could look at going with a like minded group so that you weren’t travelling on your own.

I’ve just started the Wahls protocol eating plan. It’s not going well as at the moment I’m feeling pretty ill with a severe headache for a week andd weakness. Anyone else tried it and have similar probs?

My thoughts exactly Lesley. Looks like Belize is calling. Just wish my hubby would still go diving. Very little left that we can do together.

hope your head clears soon.