Lions Mane Suppliments

Apologies if this has been done before. I couldn’t find anything regarding it using the search on here.

My fiancé has very recently been diagnosed with relapsing remitting ms and is about to go onto drug treatments. I’ve been looking around for anything else that may help, already started on Vitamin D etc (I know it’s too late for her) and found a video with Paul Stamets who is an expert in mushrooms / fungi. He recommends Lions Mane which apparently has the ability to help stop de-myelination and also help regrow it. Bold claims indeed.

I realise there is no such thing a miracle cure and that’s not what I’m looking for here, just if this helps even a little, it’s worth it my eyes and can do no harm.

Does anyone on here take it? If so did it help or is it useless?

Appreciate any experiences on the matter.


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When ever I’ve asked my neuro’s about specific supplements/ lotion/potions mentioned on the net and their claims, they both dismiss me with raised eyebrows. In my last consultation I mentioned a trial about Minocycline being used as a treatment for MS, (it’s an actual trial) she just tutted and said she was going to bottle goats milk mixed with dandelions and market it as an MS cure, then retire a rich woman. That really is what she said. No help what so ever. These people really dont like thinking outside the box. There are so many things on the net its just a minefield knowing what direction to take when looking at supplements ect.

Yeah I agree. Whilst most will probably be of no benefit there may be some that some that will and it’s places like this that people can give their opinions from the real world about these and hopefully spread the word.

I’ve ordered some of these and will post up if they make any noticeable difference in the future weeks.

This is why I get frustrated when someone has tried out a product or adds a link to a particular site the moderators on this forum will sometimes remove the link as they regard it as “blatant advertising”.

They tend to pick and choose what stays and what goes, which I find a bit odd ?

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I take lots diffrent supplements but havent taken lions mane would try it but can’t afford to pay anymore but the supplements i take i do feel better also follow the best bet diet, i brought the book by judy graham ms naturally which helped me when first diagnosed

Thanks simone, I’ll check that book out.

I take Lions Main in powder form, ususlly in a smoothie for breakfast. I haven’t heen taking it long but I most definitely feel less foggy. I’ve also just read that the MS drug Gilenya contains Cordyceps mushroom, literally just found this out ten minutes ago, very interesting!

I am very interested in Lion’s Mane mushroom. I have foraged it for many years now. I am currently in school doing research on the Hericium erainaceus mushroom. I am only using Academic journals and medical data based information. I have family with MS and ever since I learned of its blood-brain barrier (BBB) molecules I have been very interested in the Houtou, Monkey Head, Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane Mushroom). there is a ton of recent information on Hericium erinaceus (Lion’s Mane) but from my research, the mushroom needs to be fresh due to the compounds in the mushroom you will not get same effects from dried mushroom capsules. Do your research before bringing it to a doctor but its all looking positive. many studies I have found coincide with Alzheimer’s disease. but I think the potential is out there, plus there have been no signs of adverse effects. hope this helps.

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I’ve found taking lions mane mushrooms daily in sacred 7 mushrooms have helped my balance issue alot haven’t been taking it long enough to tell about long range effects. I workout 5 and 6 days a week 1 to 1 1/2 hours cardio and 45 to 1 hour weight training. Feel like if I’m not maintaining or gaining muscle I’m losing. I’ve taken copaxone for 10 years with 3 to 4 flareups a year. Now taking low dose Naltrexone having less than 1 flare up a year. 67 year old male diagnosed over 25 years ago. Good Luck

Best way is to look at an m.r.i., then a year later look again after another m.r.i to see how your lesions are, as there the only places remyelination can happen. Compare the truth in front of you with your neuro, and you will then realise if the claim is true, or not. Assuming your not having a relapse at the time, they’ll give you an accurate picture.

Hi Bighairydel,

I also heard about Hericium erinaceus from Paul Stamets, and since a friend of mine has progressive MS (first diagnosed in 2008), I thought I’d do a bit of research and see if it would help him. When he started H. erinaceus he had very limited movement, couldn’t stand and had no movement in his left leg at all, as well as bladder control problems.

He’s been on 3g/day of water-soluble Hericium erinaceus extract for two months, though in the last ten days this has increased to 5g/day (following Tanaka A, Matsuda H. “Expression of nerve growth factor in itchy skins of atopic NC/NgaTnd mice”). He weighs 100kg, so this is 50mg/kg/day. I would say that I don’t believe the combination pills that contain small quantities of this mushroom will be effective – one I saw only contained 35mg of it. Also, it’s much cheaper to buy the powder and put it in capsules oneself.

Less than a month after treatment began, he reported much reduced fatigue and greatly improved bladder control. Yesterday, after two months’ treatment, he reported that when putting on his socks in the morning, his left foot and toes moved – which had previously been immobile for some time. He demonstrated this to me. Also, I’ve noticed he seems perkier and is showing less drooping of the head when tired, although he has said his general mental health has not altered. Since he has progressive MS, this seems to me like a significant event, although I am not a doctor and am reserving judgement.

I’m currently looking into another mushroom, Phellinus igniarius, which is discussed by a doctor from the States called Trent Austin in an online GeneFo video. There is a paper on this which you can look up: “A Mushroom Extract Piwep from Phellinus igniarius Ameliorates Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis by Inhibiting Immune Cell Infiltration in the Spinal Cord”. Since the only source of dual-extract (i.e., combined water and ethanol extraction) mushroom is from a company in China, I will be carrying out a heavy metal analysis on the sample they are sending, as Paul Stamets has warned that (a) there is a lot of pollution in China; and (b) mycelium can transport toxins into the fruiting body (the mushroom). However, I expect it to be safe and will be suggesting a similar dose to that of Hericium erinaceus. This mushroom is seemingly neuroprotective rather than neuroregenerative like Hericium erinaceus, but the point of this is that if it prevents destruction by the immune system of myelin, it should theoretically allow the natural myelin production in the body to work at an increased rate, and would also potentially boost any effect that Hericium erinaceus may have. Trent Austin relates a very positive outcome in a patient of his to whom he prescribed a combination of these two mushrooms, although he was only using a water-soluble extract of Phellinus igniarius.

I appreciate a lot of this is anecdotal (i.e., non-scientific in the true sense), but the scientific papers are real, even if they are only limited in scope, are generally on non-human subjects, and haven’t been replicated. However, if I see continued improvement in my friend’s MS I am going to try to push for a clinical trial. The costs to human wellbeing and the broader economic costs of MS seem to demand that even dubious treatments should be trialled. To this end I am interested in any anecdotal evidence relating to either of these mushrooms or mushroom extracts, so would be very pleased to hear back if your fiancé tries either of these mushrooms, even (or perhaps especially) if the results are negative or inconclusive.

i ordered some lion’s mane powder and it arrived today. never thought of putting it into capsules but that seems an excellent idea. sometimes a strong mushroom taste can make me feel queasy. too many magic ones in my foolish youth!

At least the magic variety gives you something you know works. Certainly takes the edge off m.s., so beats any other mushroom type, and their free once you find them.

Are you UK based? I’ve been trying to get Willow Bracket /Phellinus Igniarius. China seems the only place I can find it but dubious as to wether it will actually be willow bracket as a lot of websites mention another bracket phellinus lynteus along side igniarius. I’ve also recently discovered copaiba, not a mushroom but has had promising results for anti inflammatory properties in mice with EAE. If I can get a reliable source of igniarius I want to take it along with Lions Mane, Copaiba and cannabis derived CBD. I’ve got an MRI in 2 weeks and another scheduled for January so a good time to experiment I’m thikning.


i couldn’t stop puking!

i was only 18 so should have had a stronger stomach than that!

nearly 60 now and really don’t want to start puking!

it was the 3rd time i tried them that made me sick.

ah well, at least i used my youth foolishly!

Not a good memory, but must have mentally scarred you with the flashback. Always have a similar thing with evo stik glue, but good memories :slight_smile: Misspent youth memories we all have them.

i was only allowed pva glue (school glue).

I have been taking Low Dose Naltrexone 3.0 mg for a very long time with relapse remitting MS. One can take up to 4.5mg. This is not a cure but I have been told by two Neuros that I have a heavy lesion load on brain and spine and “whatever you are doing keep doing it” and “you must be a miracle” as she chuckled…All I have ever done for the MS is eat a healthy diet, try to walk as far as I can every day (some days I can’t walk because of cramps or pain etc) but I am doing quite well after 20 years of diagnosis. (I know I had it for much longer) I just heard about the mushroom yesterday and will also try that. I have never taken the MS drugs. Please look up Dr Terry Wahls and her diet etc. Stay positive! The Neuro should give the prescription for the LDN. Mine always have.


My I have my daughter on a few supplements including Lion’s Mane and Willow Bracket. Also, my mom has started

on them as well for memory. Research about these mushrooms, the benefits will blow you away. They must be taken for life.

[Edited]. Start with recommended dose and increase until you know they are helping.

Hey, from where are you getting your willow bracket? Please let me know as I am currently desperately looking to buy some but can’t seem to find it anywhere except on a fishy website for supplements called HR haha