lions mane mushroom.

Has anyone tried lions mane mushroom supplements? I have read quite a lot about its benefits and have approached the MS nurse for opinions. Unfortunately nothing transpired from that request, in fact i will go so far as to say negative response , i.e needs more research, don’t know how it reacts to MS etc. I have a good friend who suffers from Vasculitis but has in fact tried lions mane, reishi and turkey tail mushroom supplements and is adamant that the inflammation,tiredness and brain fog is now well under control.Has anyone tried these mushroom supplements…no reference to “magic” please.

I take them, can’t say I’ve noticed any significant change but was ‘well’ when I started and still am now, so no real way of knowing if they’re helping. They certainly aren’t hurting though hence why I’m giving them a try, I like to think they’re doing some good for my overall health even if they’re not specifically benefitting me from an ms point of view.

Hi mutters
I tried Loin’s Mane Mushroom several years ago (1000mg daily) after one month I started to feel some benefits of this supplement.But be careful don’t use it (or any other herbal supplement) while using Baclofen this may cause Serious respiratory problems.
Regards :tulip:

Hi, Mody,
I have been on Baclofen for several years and also take Kalms which is herbal so based on your comment I need to stop one?