Alternative therapies....

Hello everyone,

Has anyone tried Lions Mane Mushrooms as an alternative MS therapy? Have you heard about it whether positive or negative? Keen to get in touch with anyone trying something alternative to pharmaceuticals!


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Hi Jen. As it happens Lions Mane is on my list to buy this week. I haven’t tried it and certainly wouldn’t use it as a replacement for my DMT but yeah, I’ve probably read the same info as you and it might be worth a try.


I have been thinking about taking this supplement to, I just wondered about the dose really. I will be giving it a go though. Take care. Angie❤️

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It’s been on my list to buy too and I also won’t be using it as a replacement for my DMT. Interesting to see that other MS suffferers have at least heard of it/the benefits. I’ll be doing a bit more research before taking the plunge, especially as I don’t believe it comes cheap!

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Hello. I am waiting for a second opinion on my Dx. I am not on any medication and I don’t want anyone to believe that I’m taking alternative medicine in place of treatment/therapy. I take lions mane. I got on it as soon as I tapered off prednisone. It helped with my cognitive issues SO much. I was beginning to slur my words and not be able to properly form sentences.

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That’s great to hear that lions mane is working for you - I’m about to give it a go too. Sorry, it’s taken me a while to get back on the forum to view all responses.