Is anyone using the cannabis spray?

Hi Everybody

My name is Jennifer and I was diagnosed with ms fourteen years ago, about ten years ago I developed nerve pain it started in mt legs and now it is all over. I attend a wonderful pain climic and after trying various med we eventually started with the lignocaine infusions, I am totally free of nerve pain for 4 to 6 weeks after each infusion and all was working well until the Irish government cut the pain clinics resources by 3/4 I now receive an infusion every 4mts which means I have to live with the burning pain for months at a time. Those of you who have nerve pain will know pain meds dont really work they just dope you up I hate having to live like this its bad enough having ms which has progressed quite a bit in the past year I am now a wheelchair user.

I have heard that setivate (not sure of spelling) helps with the spasm and pain I cant get it here in Ireland but will go up to northern Ireland if it is as good as I heard it is. I cant go back on the oxy’s its a living death at one stage I was in bed for 8 weeks I am a wife and mum and want to make the best of my lot while I can.

Any advice appreciated


Hi lovely,

Really sorry to hear that you are super unwell. I experience EXACTLY the same symptoms as you and I know how hellish it is. I would suggest trying making some cookies with the ‘alternative’…

I am on sativex and it is fantastic. Perhaps go up and try, but I think a whole move for the family may be drastic as the other option is just as good if not better, but expensive.

Lots of love and hugs.


Hi, i have read how good sativex is. But our health authority wont prescribe it.

Talking about cannabis…have you seen the story line in Corrie, where Roys mum and Denis tanner get it in brownies? They make it look fun.....but Im glad the streets doc has warned them of the potential dangers..............even so, its been amusing seeing how they float on the stuff.

luv Pollx

Thank you both for the reply I dont have to move to northern Ireland Anon as I would be able to get a referral through my Neuro here in Galway. Yesterday I had to use Oxynorm and it gave me the headache from hell I hate all the heavy meds have fought for years to stay away from them finding the lignocaine infusions was a dream come true for me; I am completely pain free for up to 6 weeks.

As if life is not difficult enough with ms the savage cuts the Irish government have made are inhumane. I lived and worked in the UK for 18yrs and still have my NI number my ms was diagnosed here in Ireland so if needs be I may be able to see the neuro on the NHS.

Jennifer x

Sorry to hear your issues Jennifer. I am self employed and thankfully still able to work (most days) so am not effected by the benefit & health cuts at the moment but it makes me quite angry that people like you are. It also frightens me that it probably will effect me in the future… I accept there are serious and horrible side effects with the prescription drugs that we are given and it always seems like you elleviate one symptom only to ‘gain’ another health issue with them. Regarding Sativex, they have refused to prescribe this to me on cost grounds, so I am trying to help myself. I know that the whole subject of using medicinal cannabis is slightly taboo but I really think this needs to change. Someone mentioned the Coronation Street story but they were glad that the Doctor advised against this. This is an actors opinion and there are many doctors that do advocate using it for MS. Do your own research about using this natural plant because it may help. I really think that the government of this country needs to have an open debate about the use of medicinal cannabis, as they have in the USA. I wish you all the best. Big hugs xx

I understand that Sativex is prescribed as a last resort, predominantly due to cost. It’s just a spray containing THC - one of the sought after chemicals found in cannabis. I found myself unable to take my usual medication so I took a decision to self medicate. The added benefit of green fingers and cooking ability,is handy. I haven’t looked back since. Regular intake at modest levels, no silliness. Relieves pain, reduces tremors and has even got rid of a dead patch on the sole of my foot. The Internet is so useful! My doctors also approve. Pity this country is so backwards. Cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Good luck

Hi, I am from Belfast and as far I know it is not possible to get sativex perscibed here - on the NHS anyway. I have spasticity which is really affecting my mobility and am on baclofen and tizanidine, which make me so sleepy. They also only take the edge of the spasticity.

Moyna x

l have been using the Sativex spray for 3yrs. My GP has been prescribing it on the nhs since it first became licensed for ms use. Before then l did try it on a private script from my GP. After trying Baclofen/Tizanidine - with dreadful results - this spray has been a god-send. l have never smoked - so that ruled out the real herb. Did try it once in a brownie - but it is so difficult to get the dose right. With Sativex - l do not get the ‘euphoria’ feeling that the real thing gives. Which suits me as l hate the out of control feeling. lts bad enough living in a body that does not do what you want it to. l mainly take the spray in the evening/bedtime to help with muscle spasms/spasticity in my legs.

There is a lot of info on the web about how to grow it - and what type to grow for your personal use - taking into consideration your physical symptoms.

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