Chronic pain

Hi, I was diagnosed with SPMS in 2016. My symptoms, with the exception of my bladder, are totally sensory, burning / stinging from MS hug to my feet, I have full strength and mobility. I visit a local MS Therapy Centre and speaking with the staff they don’t seem to ever seen anyone presenting as I do. Anyone else out there in the same situation and any tips of living with slowly worsening neuropathic pain? Pain Clinic at my hospital have seemingly thrown everything meds wise at me with no impact. Pretty depressing tbh

if it is legal where you live i’d give marijuana a try.

there was a fly on the wall programme set in a cannabis cafe where the staff asked all new customers why they were there.

one lady said it was MS pain and she never had a second without it.

she wasn’t much of a smoker but she loved it.

she will definitely go there again.

i think it was called cannabis cafe.

I take cannabis for pain and to help me sleep at night without it I would’nt be able to sleep because of the pain, you need to get the right strain of cannabis so if its not legal where you live I would try CBD oil, it does not work as well for me but everyone is different.

forgot to say I use vaporizer instead of smoking it.

Thanks for responses. I’ve tried what my pain consultant euphemistically calls “non-prescription” cannabis. Unfortunately I’ve vaped / eaten / smoked it, and my nerve endings seem to fire and I’m in more pain. Doesn’t make sense based on everything I hear. Also tried CBD oil to no avail. Any other ideas?