How do I keep going

Can anyone help, I am waiting my final diagnose but appointment not till June, have had all the tests which by the time I see my consultant would have been 12 months. My legs are so painful cant seem to control the pain legs and feet feel as if in ice,my son thinks that pot could help,has anyone else tried it and what was the result,did it help.

I tried it several years ago for pain and it worked brilliantly, however it completely knocked me out so it was definitely an emergency option only. I haven’t used it since because there are good meds available now (there weren’t then) and that is what I would recommend - asking your GP for a neuropathic painkiller, eg amitriptyline, pregabalin or gabapentin. If your GP will not prescribe anything without neuro approval, then you can phone his/her secretary and ask what the GP should prescribe. Cannabis definitely helps various MS symptoms, but the stuff that is available to buy is very (too) strong, of dubious quality and potentially dangerous, never mind illegal. If you decide to try it regardless, it would be better to use home grown and from a source that you know well. Karen x

Hi, have you heard of Sativex? It is a legal form of cannabis, only available on prescription. Although the majority of GPs/neuros wont prescribe it, a few do.

As Karen says, there are other meds available.

I take baclofen for stiffness and spasm reduction and amitriptyline for nerve pain.

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