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I was diagnosed Nov. 17 but they think I’ve had it for 20 years plus. Since diagnosis I have begun to think that the diagnosis was the worst thing that could have happened to me. Not the condition, but the actual diagnosis. I only sought medical help because I’d had pretty bad pain in my legs and weakness in left leg for a couple of years, but I was coping with it. Since then I’ve tried baclofen, gabapentin and have now been on 600 mg pregabalin for about eight months. As I say I was coping with it but now the drugs have reduced pain by about 20% but at a cost. It increases my fatigue, reduces my mobility and I just generally feel my health has declined and I’ve put in loads of weight.

Anyhoo, GP has given me a referral for the gym which I’m so up for it’s unbelievable, but I also want to go this type of drug free. I understand I’m going to need to do a staged withdrawal as my pain threshold has decreased due to the months of 20% pain reduction. But what next? Lose weight and get fitter sure but just learn to cope with the pain again or look for something more natural and less harmfull?

I’ve heard that CBD oil can help with this sort of thing but when I look at websites like CBD Brothers I have no understanding of the numbers involved and what type might be useful. I also worry about the implications for work etc, I know it’s legal without THC in it but surely in a test it just show up as cannaboid use?

if need be I’ll just cope with it like I did before, but any advise on CBD would be appreciated.

I honestly think that if I had remained ignorant of something that I’d had for a long time I would have been better off, they don’t know what type it is so it’s not like they’re doing anything except trying pain relief.



Derrick - I don’t know about CBD oil, but recently a rehabilitation consultant mentioned that some of the pain folk with MS experience is phantom pain. Our brain sends out mixed messages. This made a lot of sense to me, as I tend to have a lot of neuropathic pain at night and over time I’d learnt if I just lay still the pain would usually subside. Sometimes this happens fairly quickly and sometimes takes much longer. Anyway just thought you may find these thoughts helpful. In respect of getting fitter see if you can get access to a hydrotherapy pool, as some things you can’t do on land you can still do in water.

Initially, I got it (Indica from CBD Brothers) for insomnia - that didn’t work! - but I’ve kept taking a few drops twice a day for its overall impact on aches and pains and in hope of broader anti-inflammatory properties. I really like it, although a bottle of decent stuff is quite a hit on the bank balance. The fact that I’m still taking it despite the cost probably says enough about how much I rate it.

I have since found that you really would need a second mortgage to afford the quantities of CBD that have been formally associated with better sleep! But it’s all rather new science, and that’s going to be a bit hit-and-miss for a while (and possibly for ever), I think. After all, who has the money to run well-powered trials except Big Pharma?

In the meantime, I agree that it’s exasperating that CBD Brothers (and other reputable sources) know they daren’t make any claims or even give much guidance on type and dose, but that’s not really their fault - they have the law to worry about and a business to protect But there’s plenty of info out there on the Net, although it is so hard to know what to trust, isn’t it?

As far as my personal n=1 trial goes, I think it’s worth a try for helping manage/reduce pain.


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I’m certainly tempted to give it a go and may just take the plunge.

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