Sex is a problem

Hi all,

i have recently been diagnosed with ppms but i feel that I may have had this for approximately 5 years due to symptoms that I did not realise were ms related.

Apart from my ms problems my biggest problem is my husband who continuously cries that he is not getting enuf sex unless he gets sex 2 - 3 times a week. atm we have sex once a week & that is because I know what I will have to listen to if we diont have sex, I am so fed up with him having hissy fits, he is obviously so self centred that he thinks that while I am trying to function from day to day through sheer exhaustion I must also fit him in 2 - 3 times a week or he begins to behave like a child seeking attention & becoming verbally abusive.

Does anyone else have this problem & is it time to call it a day as it is quite obvious that his needs are more important thank my health & wellbeing. :frowning:

Hi, oh dear this is having a serious effect, if it makes you think of separating from your husband.

Perhaps he just does not get it…how badly MS is affecting you. Either that, or he doesnt have enough consideration for you.

Looks like some straight talking has to happen.

If he really does think more of his needs than your`s, then maybe …i hardly dare say it…your relationship may not survive.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

Thanks Boudica but thats what I have been thinking also :frowning:

I suppose its better to find out sooner rather than later as the more stress he causes with his childidh ways the worse my ms will get.


This is an awkward one isn’t it. I always think it’s never one thing that destroys a relationship but a collection.

Is your husband verbally abusive about other non sex matters?

Do you want to continue in this marriage? If you both do then there is counselling. Also, maybe your husband needs to find out for himself, more information about MS-it may just help him to help you.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


This is very hard for you both and perhaps you are right he just doesn’t understand.

It may be of help if you were both to talk to a sex therapist who understand the sheer fatigue you are experiencing . The therapist, if good, will give you both tools to show affection, care and sex which is within your ability. Once your hubby hears from a professional what it is like for you he may be able to better understand. If he understands and if you grow together you have won something precious.

I hate to suggest the next but have you suggested or are you willing to suggest that he uses an escort?

If none of these prove useful it would appear that he doesn’t want to understand you and will never do.

I hope you find a solution.

I think most blokes feel they don’t get enuff. (I do, and I’m the one with ms). Give and take isn’t it? If you’re knackered, you’re knacked. Can he not go and sort himself out ?

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I have t wanted sex for 3 years my husband is soooo supportive that I try make sure I give it up at least once a month sooo I feeel for u I could not cope with anymore I’m literally only in the first year of diagnosis sooo don’t no what future will hold hope u get things sorted but pls remember sex isn’t the b all and end alll a good relationship can survive and prosper without out sex every day xxxxx