Sex drive

Hi new to the site but had ms for 20years now,this is a bit of a weird question
Since jan this year my sex drive has gone through the roof has any obe had the same thing happen and if so what did you do to sort it out as it putting unwanted pressure on my marrage

Some might say this is a good problem to have… :sunglasses:

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Are you male or female? Approx. age?

Male and 51this year

I am a woman, aged 53 and I wouldn’t say my sex drive has gone up, but it would be quite nice to have any sex at all. I’m married, but my husband has no sex drive whatsoever and always says that it would be impossible to have sex because my legs are permanently clamped together because of MS and the fact I am in a wheelchair.

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I’m a few years older than you and of the things I used to enjoy doing, sex is one of the last things I can still enjoy! I can’t run or play tennis but put me horizontal and I can still make things happen :sunglasses: Albeit more slowly and less often.

Sadly the repertoire is more limited these days. I can’t jump off the wardrobe any longer, mostly because I wouldn’t be able to get ON the wardrobe in the first place.

Joking apart, perhaps your wife’s reluctance says more about your relationship than your sex life? We’ve all had things to deal with in this area - for me, it was that my reduction in activity made her feel less attractive and desired. I’ve constantly tried to reassure her - communication is key.

Open forum perhaps not the best place but feel free to message me if you feel another perspective could be useful.

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