Severely stiff elbows and knees

For the last few weeks, I have been experiencing extremely stiff elbows and knees. Getting up/sitting down is agony, as is walking up or down stairs. Also, using my arms for anything (though my hands are OK, it’s just the elbow joint). Any idea if this could be MS related? It seems so specific. When I wake up in the morning I can hardly move!

Best wishes, Sarah

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I wouldn’t imagine it would be directly MS causing this but if your mobility and/or gait have been affected by MS this may be putting unusual pressure or strain on the joints which could cause pain and stiffness. Might be worth asking for a physio referral - I have stretching exercise to do before I get up which really helps with relaxing stiff muscles in my leg and arm…

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Not officially diagnosed but I know if I do not stretch out and do physio every morning I feel like you described, especially in my legs and torso.

Are you on any meds which may be causing this?


There is a thread further down the page entitled ‘Joint pain and tenderness’ started on 9th Jan - might be worth looking at.

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